The Drum

The drum wakes up. He’ll have a actual babsence eye this timeHungover dream. He hung around too long last nightThe drum gets up. How will certainly he feel around this one?The dream throws up (he didn’t feel as well great this time)

He’s gained it all. He’s got it figured outDream in the hall earlier in the hospitalI’m not came to. He’ll gain it directly this time –And if he doesn’t, fuck it –

The gun goes off. He’s always off about somethingThe drum just nods: the drum ain’t listening at allThe drum gets drunk, the drum reads James Joyce in the drunkThe dream falls dvery own. The drum’s face breaks the dreams fall.

He don’t have actually shit. He’s learned to live w/itThe drum’s in debt – you owe me don’t foracquire –That $20, interemainder and also moral assistance – and if you don’t I swear –

(this is our lifetime + I am his creator)(a snowguy progressively pulled acomponent by separate poles of gravity)

The drum goes forth. He’s got his flag unfurled or somethingThe drum won’t speak the drum’s a menace to the public

Hold your drum high (the drum is stoned again)Don’t wake him up he’ll simply begin talking.The drum is dead {the dream is dead)Long live the drum (long live the drum)And I am his creator –

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Happy News For SadnessLyrics
Happy News For Sadness

You have the right to never before tell the fact yet you have the right to tell somepoint that sounds favor it

I preferred you better once you hated yourself. Eexceptionally time I think about love I think around me reasoning about youChanging your anatomy. Hipbone is associated to my heart every time I think about love I think around you thinking about me

Sunburned ShirtsLyrics
Sunmelted Shirts

I haven"t looked at the sunlight for so longI"d forgained exactly how much it hurt to

Stoop KidLyrics
Stoop Kid

This city has actually its share of stairs & if you stay there no one caresThese boxes I have to probably recycle.

I haven’t consumed in so lengthy. Stoop kid’s afrhelp to leave his stoop.I’d prefer to take a trip the people babe however stoop boy and so on

The concrete breaks my heart aget. Some child walks by I spit at them. The grocery story will certainly still be tright here tomorrow.

I want a therapist more fucked up than me b/c I look in your eyes prefer a deer looks into headlights

If I had a small time probably I could start to find my means out however eexceptionally time I move my feet dance my way across the street I lose it there’s still beer cans on the action I pretfinish that I have actually retained on objective but when the trashmale comes about I just begin to feel so down I can’t move

Stoop kid’s afraid to leave.

Something SoonLyrics
Somepoint Soon

biting my garments to store from screamingtaking pills to save from dreamingI desire to break something importantI desire to kick my dad in the shins

I was referring to the existing in previous tenseit was the just means that I might survive itI desire to cshed my head in the car doorI desire to sing this song choose I"m dying

heavy boots on my throat, I needI require somethin quickly I need somethin soonI can not talk to my folks, I needI require somethin quickly I require somethin soonAll of my fingers are froze, I needI require somethin shortly I need somethin soonOnly one change of clothing, I needI need somethin soon I need somethin soonmy head is my head is my head is

stay inside all this winterfilling out develops from a working printerI desire to talk favor Raymond Carver(an advertisement cries out)I want to rotate down the goddamn tv(he must have gone to Jared"s)

binging on the latest sitcomfeeling guilty eexceptionally second it"s onI want to put my foot with a window(I record my mind loss)I desire to romanticize my headfuck(via instruments of wordplay)

hefty boots on my throat, I needI require somethin shortly I need somethin soonI can"t talk to my folks, I needI need somethin soon I require somethin soonAll of my fingers are froze, I needI need somethin quickly I require somethin soonOnly one readjust of clothes, I needI require somethin quickly I require somethin soonmy head is my head is my head is my head is my head is my head is

Let"s burn this residence dvery own (x a lot)

No PassionLyrics
No Passion

betraying no emotion underneath your aviators and your trip attendant unicreate perfectly tailored for your 91 degree angle shoulders fucking goddamn how I love your shoulders --- I just like human being who hate the things that brought us together. ahhhhhAHHHHHHahhhhhahhhhhh. I desire a male that would certainly hate me for what I am I desire a male who would leave me if I told him my deepest/darkest keys like I would certainly leave him in a situation wbelow our positions were reversed. In my wildest sexual dreams

Father, Flesh In RagsLyrics
Father, Flesh In Rags

my ago is killing me babyI do not have actually any comfortable chairsmy spine will end up being warpedI will not have the ability to stand also up directly

& I do not brush my teeth twice a daynow I will lose them all in old agela de da de da de daI"ll need to glue some fake ones on

volcanic rock deserve to be dated reliablygenotypes, phenotypesand I will certainly have my father"s bald spotdating methodC14

Have to remember not to smilewill certainly lead to wrinkles in later lifeand don"t furrow your browyour forehead will certainly grow ridges

I wish I didn"t have actually veinsmy eyeballs can feel my heartbeatla de da de da de da de dahair is dead skin particles


if I can fit my dreamsyou say the very same things over and also overright into an ABAB rhyme schemeyou say the same things over and also over

Love is a means of passing on our geneslove is because we desire to additionally our genesGod is a scientist he"s simply uncovered out around ushe"s publimelted a study yet he don"t know a lot about us

when I die I will not end up being a ghostbereason I’ll have actually nowhere to hauntfuck this tvery own and fuck my dirty handsas soon as you"re stselection then the movie critics gotta be strangerbut they"re simply strangers

culture desires me to fuck, well fuck ‘mautomobile seat is a hereditary stop signi sleep lying next to a mirrorauto seat is a menace to the public

love is a way of advancing our specieslove is bereason we desire to save up our speciesGod is a director he"s just discovered out about ushe"s talked to our agents yet he don"t understand a lot around us

when I die I will not come to be a ghostbereason I"ll have nowright here to hauntfuck this town and fuck my dirty handsonce you"re stvariety then if they like you then they gotta be strangerhowever they"re just strangers

car seat"s nervous and also the lights are bideal. When I was a kid I dropped in love with Michael Stipe. I took lyrics out of conmessage and assumed "he should be speaking to me"

I won"t last as well much longerI"m currently starting to run out of areas for encounters in my headthey"re all starting to look the same


December 27th: my dad walks in. I was 18 y.o. He said “our trash can’s blvery own over, the trash is all scattered across other people’s lawns”. So I put on a jacket and also I foracquired my gloves. We went outside. It was cold as fuck. He gave me a trashdeserve to, pointed across the street. Our trash was anywhere. So we went at it prefer an easter egg hunt. Always even more to be uncovered. The wind started blowing eexceptionally time I took my hands out of my fucking pockets. Shove ‘m ago in aget.

Bags from Kohl’s and also Tarobtain. Different colored giftwrap + thousands of receipts. I walked from lawn to lawn, I skipped the ones through fences and I ordered all I might. I waited on the sidewalk, for my dad I expect, but I couldn’t uncover him. He was nowhere to be watched.


Prisoners of war! They will not walk one more step. They"re simply tired and also they"re fighting each various other againPrisoners of war! They don"t need me anyeven more. I"ll simply play my jew"s harp at the priboy door

and also it don"t seem ideal to make them fight all nightand also it do not seem appropriate to let them be all best

Prisoners of war! They"re simply human beings after all, and also what does it issue if they obtain away?Prisoners of war! They won"t require you anyeven more. All these borderlines have actually lied to us before

And they"ve acquired to stick together and they must love each other and also they should stick together to surviveand also they don"t know wright here they"re going they"ve just acquired to obtain amethod from all the soldiers that would favor to view them dead!

Prisoners of war! There"s no should feel so dvery own. You"ve acquired so much live for probablyPrisoners of war! I"d prefer to apologize. I watch you"ve got your own nooses and also I"ve gained mine

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Open-Mouthed BoyLyrics
Open-Mouthed Boy

Last night I had a dreamI dreamed that I was pregnantI might put my hand to my stomachAnd feel another heart beatingI wanted to gain an abortionI didn’t understand exactly how to tell my parentsIt offered me a brand-new outlook on womenI thanked god that I wasn’t one of them

Who is that open mouthed boy? I think I’ve seen him in one more movieWho is that open mouth boy? I think I’ve seen him in somepoint else

Last weekend I had a jobI had to water the neighbor’s plantsBut they looked prefer they were dyingNo issue just how much water I fed themSo I looked at the sky and asked god“why can’t you make it rain a little?”he sassist “because I don’t prefer you”so I dubbed him a shit and ran ameans

Who is that open up mouthed boy? I think I’ve seen him in an additional movieWho is that open up mouth boy? I think I’ve seen him in something else