Remember the movie “Poltergeist,” from way back in the ’80s? (Quick synopsis: little Carol Ann climbed into the television at the behest the a ghost, and also her momma walk swimming with a bunch that skeletons and a small medium, i m sorry in retrospect is nice hilarious, forever readjusted the an interpretation of the phrase “This house is cleeeean,” ideal after Carol Ann went in the direction of the light and climbed out of the ghost-y TV.) It was scary stuff because that 30 year ago.

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You recognize what else is scary? The ’80s were 30 year ago. And also you know what else was happening? A male named Dan Baker was a decade into his trucking-specific speak career. Mr. Baker is still making use of his abilities as a poet, storyteller and singer, to send the idea the the driver is the most important part of any trucking equation, be it a tiny business or huge fleet, and also has worked as an industry consultant for much more than 40 years now.

But let’s get earlier to 30 year ago, when Mr. Baker to be speaking at an ATA event, attended and also remembered by transport Topics op-ed contributor Joe Chandler in a current post. Chandler stated Baker’s anxiety on the post “that we required laser-like focus on taking treatment of drivers since they do the job-related the rest of us gain paid for” stays the very same today, also though it has actually been mainly ignored by market executives, who have continued to pay themselves an ext and more, if stagnating salaries for your carriers.

Mr. Chandler walk on come extol the virtues of making the vehicle drivers the focus of every operation, and also his well-written, yet somewhat wheedling opinion reminded me very much that the tiny medium (I giggled again) coaxing Carol Ann toward the light.

“Pleeeeease Carol Annnnn, pleeeease come earlier to usssssss. Go towards the liiiiiight Carol Ann! Weeee loooove yooooou!”

Except Mr. Chandler’s tiny tool (in mine head) had actually the audacity to openly admit the industry executives paid themselves prior to they paid the drivers, even when lock knew it was wrong, because that 30 dang years. As well as the wheedling, he sort of acted prefer it was really no large deal, but, we really need you, Carol Ann, please, us love you, come towards the light.

With all due respect, sir, ns sincerely expect Carol Ann puts she foot in your rear finish on the way out of this specific television.

If it has actually taken 30 year of hemorrhaging motorists to snap right into the currently the eternal fine is drying up for actual — the really fleets who have actually participated in the practice of paying their executives well while vehicle drivers are once again forget are about to feel a whiplash of epos proportions castle are completely unprepared for.

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You can want come stick around and also see just how bright that light gets before you to crawl on the end of there, Carol Ann. It might be precious the wait.