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The Guided search helps you uncover long ax services and also supports in your area. A set of questions will help you identify services and also supports the may fulfill your needs.See the frequently asked questions to learn exactly how to save and organize your find results.

Everyday ActivitiesIs there a require for assist with kind of of the following:Bathing, grooming, or dressingUsing the bathroomMoving aroundEatingShoppingHousekeeping, food preparation or prepare mealsUsing the call or computerOrganizing medicine, mental to take it or taking medicineOrganizing or paying receipt on timeLeaving the residence (going to appointments, grocery store shopping, to run errands) or other transportation needsMaking the house more accessible (grab bars, ramps), gaining adaptive equipment, getting assistive devices, or ecological modificationsHealth NeedsIs over there a require for assist with of the following:Finding nursing services, occupational, physical, or decided therapyFinding services and also supports related to seeing, vision, impairment, or blindnessServices and also supports regarded hearing, hear impairment, or deafnessAddressing anxiety, depression, or various other mental health concernsAddressing problem abuse or addictionFinding hospice services, palliative care, or planning end of life careFinding services and also supports concerned confusion, memory loss, or dementiaFinding Support groups related come Health, Disabilities, problem Abuse and AddictionSupport teams related come health/disabiltiesSupport teams related to mental healthSupport groups related to substance use/addictionSubstance Abuse/AddictionCaregivingIs there a require for help with of the following:Caring for a loved one, including providing treatment or recognize respiteGrandparents or other relatives caring for childrenFinding support groupsFinding Support groups related to Care-giving or Receiving, Parent/Family, and BereavementFinding support teams related to Parent/FamilyFinding support teams related to BereavementSocial LifeIs over there a require for aid with of the following:Finding social or entertain groupsFeeling less isolated or lonelyFinding volunteering opportunitiesPaying for needs & ServicesIs over there a require for aid with kind of of the following:Veteran"s BenefitsDisability BenefitsPaying for health insurance/copaysPaying for health care services and also supportsPaying for heatPaying because that foodPaying for clothing and also household itemsPaying because that housingChildren & YouthIs over there a require for aid with type of of the following:Concerns about delays in discovering to talk, walk, or crawl or other developmental turning points for a baby or child.Finding solutions for a child under 3 through a impairment or developmental delayFinding services for a child period 3 come 5 with a impairment or developmental hold-up that may affect learningLearning requirements in college for a child age 5 come 21Finding child treatment for youngsters with chronic problems or special needsFinding support teams related come Youth and also StudentsFinding support groups related come Parenting and also FamilyAdditional ServicesIs there a require for assist with type of of the following:Finding legit servicesFinding job training and also supportFinding housingFinding services and supports related to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender communityTransitioning native a care facility, institution, or hospital

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The classification Search is i ordered it by topic. Click on a group in the menu listed below to learn more about it. Usage the place bar over to uncover providers of these solutions in your area.See the faqs to learn how to save and also organize your results.