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Episode Recap

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It’s awkward all roughly as Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) announces an attention in Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo). Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun) swallows hard and retreats to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Hye Ji tells Ji Woon to think it end and stumbles away. Ha winner (Park therefore Dam) witnesses everything then intercepts Ji Woon to return his watch to him, and tries come congratulate him while feather devastated.

Ji Woon thinks earlier to when he very first met Hye Ji and found her crying in the gardens of skies House. ~ Hye Ji confronted Ji Woon about accidentally acquisition her photo, Ji Woon let her cry in his an individual work space. As he stood external to give hr some privacy, Ji Woon thought back to his younger days once he helplessly watched his mother cry.


Ha won weighs the possibility of Ji Woon and also Hye Ji dating with her friend, Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung), and by consulting netizens. That’s wherein she it s okay the idea to test Ji Woon’s feel for she by cram a book at his head, spilling juice top top him, and also messing up his personal space. Ji Woon blows his stack, and Ha won concludes the he go not like her.

It appears that Hye Ji’s ploy to do Hyun Min jealousy is a success once he stalks Hye Ji then viewpoints her, questioning to talk. Hye Ji denies the she is date Ji Woon just to acquire at Hyun Min. Ji Woon suddenly shows up and ends the conversation. Once they room alone, Ji Woon asks Hye Ji if she honestly wants to day him, and also Hye Ji insurance claims that she is gift genuine.


Hyun Min decides to take it his anger the end on Ji Woon’s model car, and Ha winner witnesses his petty vandalism. She reprimands him and correctly guesses the he is having actually a tantrum about Hye Ji date Ji Woon. Hyun Min denies caring then cows Ha won by discussing that she was seeking the end Ji Woon.

Ha winner is sulking about Ji Woon as soon as pop star, Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) asks if she desires to do something with him due to the fact that he has only one interview on his schedule. Ha Won turns him down, however asks if guys like pretty girls like Hye Ji. Seo Woo insists the he prefers Ha Won, and also she cheerfully misinterprets his confession together flattery.


Meanwhile, Ha Won’s stepmother and stepsister proceed to plan to acquire the latter married to one of the Chairman’s grandsons. The stepmother has been buttering up the Chairman’s wife, mam Ji, and the stepdaughter proposes that the stepmother make it s her indispensable by informing mam Ji of every the nasty gossip around her, including the rumour that she was previously married.

At a Haneul Group construction site, Ha Won’s possible biological father, Kang Young Jin gets wind of just how rich the Chairman is. The idea of searching Ha Won under for funds becomes attractive sufficient for that to skulk around Sky House.


Secretary Yoon Sung (Choi Min) is request by the Chairman to take care of madame Ji the following day. Yoon Sung looks uncomfortable as he agrees to the inquiry while madame Ji gives him systematic looks.

Poor Seo Woo busies himself v preparing a gift for Ha Won: a coaster the reveals a article while under a hot drink. This is disrupted through the suddenly appearance of Ha winner herself. She finds Seo Woo’s new album, and suddenly remembers that his brand-new single is gift released tomorrow. Ha Won asks him for a live preview, however becomes for this reason uncomfortable by how Seo Woo directs the confessionary tune at her the she interrupts him to escape.


Ji Woon is haunted by Hye Ji’s insistence the she truly wants to day him, also as by Ha Won’s accusation the he alone failed come show any type of concern after she accident. He bring a bag of baked goods earlier to Sky residence for Ha Won, yet runs right into Hyun Min who attempts to pick a fight. Ji Woon riles him up before arguing he shot harder to host on come Hye Ji. Hyun Min goes to drown his sorrows at a bar, bemoaning Hye Ji’s abandonment when a gold digger insists the is the only man for her.

Ji Woon gift Ha Won with the small goods and also she is delighted. She is so liven savouring Ji Woon’s gift that she completely misses the post on the coaster the Seo Woo gifted her. Fortunately, Seo Woo shows up resigned to getting end her, crossing the end Ha Won’s name native the paper of text he composed for her.


The following day, Yoon Sung is horrified to discover that mam Ji requested his escort in order to acquire him to a marriage meeting. He automatically leaves, and also Madame Ji chases after the to define that her just wish is to see the marry well. This is once it is revealed that madame Ji is Yoon Sung’s estranged mother, and she claims to have actually married the Chairman because that his sake. In maintaining with the commitment they made when they rejoined after a 12-year separation, Yoon Sung decides to pretend that he and Madame Ji are unrelated, and storms away.

For lack of one more option, Ha winner asks Ji Woon come take her to the hospital for she checkup. Regardless of her puppy dog eyes and also the conspicuous screen of her hurt foot, Ji Woon close the door the door in Ha Won’s face. Yet, Ji Woon shows up v his auto when she comes out of sky House, climate huffily opens up the vehicle door for her as soon as she protests. Hence, as soon as the doctor announces the she is fully recovered, Ha winner is crestfallen while Ji Woon smirks through satisfaction.


Ji Woon teases Ha Won about being such a burden, and also takes it too much for her. Ha won runs off in anger, yet is chagrined to realize that she left her purse in his car. Ji Woon ends up driving up together her and also manages come coax her ago in the car. They go for a drive and also end with a scenic view. Ha won musters the courage come ask Ji Woon if he likes someone.

Hyun Min is playing angry billiards with his friends once Hye Ji make the efforts to with him by phone. He choose to ignore the contact then later, regrets the after finding out that Hye Ji’s family company has gone bankrupt. Hye Ji’s family home and also its materials are gift auctioned turn off while she father has actually been arrested.


Hye Ji decides come call Ji Woon next, thus staying clear of him from comment Ha Won’s question about who he likes. When Ji Woon announces to Ha Won that they need to leave immediately, she correctly guesses that he is taking off to accomplish Hye Ji without discovering the factor why. Ha Won asks to it is in let the end of the automobile so he can drive directly to Hye Ji. This enables Ha won to cry freely on windy transit.

When Ji Woon arrives, Hye Ji cries in his arms, though Ji Woon hesitates prior to holding her. He takes her ago to sky House and drives up simply as a guilt-ridden Hyun Min is running out to uncover Hye Ji, and Ha Won finally arrives home. Ji Woon announces to everyone the Hye Ji will be life at Sky home for the time being.



This episode worn down me with the games the command foursome space playing rather of interacting honestly or having some me respect.

As much as I enjoy watching Ha Won and Ji Woon together, I found her do the efforts to check his feeling for she contrived and also placed castle both in a an unfavorable light. Though, at least, Ha won knows the she likes Ji Woon and she discovered the courage come ask him who he is attractive to. Ji Woon cannot also admit come himself the he has actually feelings for Ha Won, i beg your pardon is why he has enabled Hye Ji to traction him into a sham relationship.

Hye Ji’s exploitation that Ji Woon to get ago at Hyun Min is unconscionable. Not only is she prevent Ji Woon from pursuing a genuine relationship, however she cannot even admit to Ji Woon that she is clearly still hung up on Hyun Min. This character has gone indigenous boring to despicable, and also I discovered myself annoyed v her when she dubbed Ji Woon throughout a legitimate family crisis. I wondered why Hye Ji does not have any other friends before realizing that she is too liven creeping on Hyun Min to do any.

Hyun Min has been the many disappointing in this episode as he has played right into Hye Ji’s cheap attempt to do him jealous. He sank to she level by stalking she then playing tough to obtain when she attempted to with him. In short, he was no fun, i beg your pardon is the biggest crime that all.

Meanwhile, Seo Woo is top top the periphery, working difficult to record Ha Won’s eye through romantic gestures. It’s virtually comical the way Seo Woo appears to be acting in a vacuum, because he is practically universally ignored. Not also the showcase of the posing because that photographs during his interview could make that relevant.

Not having actually come indigenous a oriental background, ns don’t know why it would certainly be considered controversial for the Chairman’s wife to have been previously married. She is a woman of a details age; did they suppose her to it is in a virgin or continue to be single? Plus, the Chairman has been married 4 previous times. Talk about a twin standard.

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I have actually a most complaints about this episode, but I need to admit the Jung Il Woo still ongoing to revolve on the charm sufficiently the I found the show highly watchable. That actually managed to do his character’s an ext obnoxious moments appealing, i m sorry is fairly the feat offered how typical Ji Woon was to Ha won at times. Save up the great work, Jung Il Woo. I need something to look forward to next week.


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