.....City Parks & Tennis courts are open to Public.....City Park hours are indigenous 6:00 am to 11:00 pm...

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....Free cycle Rentals are obtainable at miscellaneous city locations! see Flyer

Run means Run results & video clip Below... New Fitness center Opens. Click on Health & well-being Blog box for a short video and more information.





Health and also Wellness — brand-new Fitness Center

The City that Laredo board of directors Member for district 6, Dr. Marte Martinez, commemorated a ribbon-cutting ceremony to current a brand-new Fitness center at North main Park ~ above Monday, October 25,...

Color her favorite Park Facility.

Check the end the yes, really City that Laredo Park infrastructure that girlfriend or her child can download and also color either v markers or crayons. We will certainly be adding additional facilities in...

Hidden Gems

The Shiloh Hike & bike Trails. A 7 mile popular trail located on Shiloh Drive and also Livingston drive in Laredo Texas. Shiloh Trails is a perfect follow for all ages...

To deliver services that improve the top quality of life of every citizens v educational and recreational programming and effectively maintain and develop Laredo’s park system.
It offers various sports events such as 5k runs, swimming meets, tennis and also softball tournaments, basketball and volleyball leagues, and also various track and also field events and competitions. We additionally host special events such as concerts, fiestas and holiday celebrations. In addition, we have baseball and also soccer fields, recreation centers, libraries, trails, rental facilities, and also various parks v amenities because that the community to enjoy. Because that water pleasure, the Aquatics division offers class in water aerobics, lap swimming, and also learn to swim classes.
Recreation Centers offer basketball and volleyball games and also leagues, Zumba, aerobics, skateboarding, chess, martial arts, boxing, alternate sports, alternative aerobics, INEA classes, computer classes, arts and also crafts activities and after college programs too as range of special events.
For any type of questions or comments, you re welcome fill the end the crate below. If you have a complaint or concern, please click the crate labeled "Complaint" and follow the on-screen steps.

Our Duty

To supply services that improve the high quality of life of every citizens through recreational programming and effectively maintain and also develop Laredo"s park system.

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Our Goal

The difficulty of the City of Laredo Parks and Rec department is a challenge that these employees take an extremely seriously. "We work tough so the others can play," is the motto the the end 200 employees of the department.