Clash the Clans or frequently shortened as COC is among the most well-known mobile strategy game with over 500 million download on the Google pat Store.

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Presently, this famed smartphone game by Supercell is only obtainable for Android and also iOS.

As you can know, a bulk of skilled gamers favor playing COC on the bigger display screen of an Android tablet, iPad, and even on home windows PC.

Well, if you want to take her COC suffer to a brand-new horizon, then you have the right to download Clash of Clans because that PC.

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Is over there A pc Version that Clash the Clans?

Supercell hasn’t developed and published an main version that Clash that clans for home windows 10 PC.

However, you have the right to still download and also play this video game on a Windows pc or macOS utilizing an emulator prefer Bluestacks.

How come Download Clash the Clans ~ above PC?

As discussed above, there is no main version of COC for PC.

As a result, you have to use an Android emulator come download Clash of Clans on computer for free.


Nox application Player is one more excellent emulator for play Clash that Clans ~ above a computer. Because Nox application Player is easily accessible for macOS, you deserve to enjoy COC on MacBook or an iMac.

Similar to MEmu, Nox app Player is very stable, and it even enables users come map the secrets as per your preference.

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Can you obtain banned for play Clash the Clans on PC?

You shouldn’t get banned for playing clash of clans on pc using one emulator.

However the developer supercell doesn’t encourage the usage of emulators, so you room using it at your own risk.

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So this to be a basic guide on exactly how to gain Clash the Clans on computer for free. If friend face any issue while installation this game on your computer, then execute let us know in the comments section below.