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Basic Information:

Year: 2011Page Number: 269 pagesFile Type: PDFFile Size: 50.21 MBAuthors/ Editiors: Patsy Jarreau

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some marking/highlighting! obtained water spilled on one corner, leading to some slight warping come the bottom corner or the an initial 30 or so pages. Does not interfere v the text.

User’s Review:

There is no Editorial evaluation for this book

Reviews native Amazon users, gathered at the moment the publication is acquiring published ~ above UniedVRG. It deserve to be concerned shiping or paper quality rather of the publication content:

⭐ execute not buy this publication for this price! it is no worth that much…Buy ithere for about $50 http://alliedhealth.lsuhsc.edu/cl/reviewbook.aspx

⭐ together a former MLS student, I need to say this book is awesome! ns haveproblems flat out memorizing facts and I take advantage of tiny memorytricks and mnemonics once I can. Permit me say, this publication was perfect because that me.It has small stories and rhymes, pictures and songs to assist rememberthings prefer TSI slant reactions, warm/cold antibodies because that blood bank,hypothyroidism vs hyperthyroidism, etc.Now, I have to say that the publication in awhole is an synopsis over all the material and also shouldn’t be supplied as the onlybook you have to study native (I used mine in conjunction through my class notes,textbooks etc.). Plus, I discovered that there to be subjects absent from thebook, choose the different vitamins and quality control aspects. Various other thanthat, ns would extremely recommend this book.As a microbiology technology at a mediumsized hospital, ns recommend this publication to every MLS student the comesthrough on your clinical rotation. I in reality let castle borrow my copy, andevery one of them has actually come back and said that the book has helped themstudy for the BOC. I save mine approximately just in case one job I require itagain…..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! DON’T THINK about IT ANYMORE. Simply BUY THEBOOK!!!

⭐ Literally i studied this three days before the ascp and also I happen withflying colors contrasted to some that studied month ahead of time. This is alife saver and also the best review book hands down.

⭐ i am a medical Laboratory Technician and I offered this publication when studyingfor mine ASCP exam. This publication helped me much more than the BOC publication that myclassmates were buying. If friend are about to take your ASCP or your AMT, Ihighly recommend this book. The demonstrative pictures will create a funway for you come remember the information.

⭐ an excellent resource for plank exams.

⭐ ns love this book. Ns the type of human that learns by cartoons andvideos. This book is an excellent for helping to know CLS and also I took the AMTand only used this book and also I pass on the first go!

⭐ best review for passing ASCP certification. I highly recommend it. That alsohas notes on the side to aid you remember small facts.

⭐ i was told about this publication from a professor and also I need to say it isexactly what it says it is. That is directly to the point without havingextra wording or explainations. I will forever store this publication on hand whenit come to details bacteria or mold. I only took the micro part of thisbook.

⭐ This was a great book because that the MLS BOC certification review. I provided itduring mine internship, adding small notes and extr information in themargins, but likewise as a stand alone resource. The publication has basic tricks toremember challenging details. I highly recommend this book if you arestudying because that the Boards.

⭐ problem of Item/Delivery: come really conveniently within a few days and muchearlier than I expected. The condition of the item is terrific as well,new book.Product: This is a good study tool so far. Ns really prefer it!!But, I will certainly reserve last judgement till after ns take the board exam.