What occurred to the influential Ghost in the shell music score through Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe? The net is awash with questions and theories.

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In my previous article, “Something happened to the Ghost in the covering soundtrack, and also thousands the fans want answers”, I explained how the Ghost in the covering OST by Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe to be shelved in ~ the critical moment, and also the outcry from pan who started a campaign to obtain it released.

Petition: relax the Ghost in the covering (2017) soundtrack by Clint Mansell and also Lorne Balfe #GITSost

Some responses come the short article on conversation boards argued that the album cancellation may be as result of the movie being a box office disappointment, or that over a thousand signatures on the petition and also tens of thousands of Youtube views on snippets of the score room not enough to motivate an album release.

Such comments betray ignorance of the nature of film score publishing. Original scores space released because that everything: obscure TV shows, flopped movie —even albums that almost nobody asks for obtain released. For example, the label which was reserved to release the Ghost in the covering OST, Lakeshore Records, additionally released the score because that the new CHIPS movie.

So “maybe it’s around the money” is not a satisfactory answer. Furthermore, the situation is made more mysterious by assorted factors:

Why was this album cancelled at the critical moment, despite pre-orders?Why has Paramount not said anything?Why has Lakeshore records not claimed anything, other than that castle won’t relax it?Why has the co-composer, Clint Mansell, not said anything all about Ghost in the Shell?

This is the biggest Hollywood secret of 2017. Ghost in the covering was one of the many heavily-advertised movie of the year, with a huge budget and also an A-list star, and Clint Mansell and also Lorne Balfe are well-known composers who created a music score the is tho in need long after ~ the movie left theaters.

What the hell happened?

As a petitioner succinctly place it, “You don’t just cancel something and also not have actually an explanation.”

I have emailed a few sites and entertainment writers v a heads-up about this story, however alas they room too busy composing their quota of posts about whatever trailers were released this morning.

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Regardless of even if it is journalists wake approximately this mystery and begin asking paramount execs because that answers, the motion of people clamoring because that this album will keep growing until someone, somewhere, gives us this album.