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Macon (Oct. 4, 2021)-October marks the 6th year of the residency regimen recruitment at Macon, previously Coliseum clinical Centers. The programs offered include residency spots because that a full of 37 new residents annually in four locations of medicine: emergency medicine, interior medicine, transitional year, and also psychiatry.

Through a mutual commitment process, inhabitants are matched with the Macon program and begin their one to four year residency programs. After perfect of the program, numerous graduates opt to come to be attending medical professionals with Macon and Macon North. The residency program has actually proven to greatly increase the variety of doctors that serve middle Georgia by retaining the physicians who finish their medical training here. Plenty of residents have also advanced to prestigious fellowships in a specialty of their choice.

“The change from Coliseum clinical Centers’ Graduate Medical education and learning Residency routine to Macon affords united state the opportunity to proceed to build our academic presence in the middle Georgia area,” claimed Dr. Marcia Hutchinson, Designated Institutional main (DIO) because that Graduate Medical education and learning (GME) at Macon. “We are excitedto start our recruitment season and look forward to welcoming our next class of resident doctors to the close-knit Macon ar in the summer the 2022.”

Although a large 310-bed hospital, Macon still maintains the ar hospital touch whereby residents obtain quality one-on-one time with attending physicians and also specialty coordinators. The personalized training and also attention is something Macon citizens rave about. Macon attending physicians frequently take just one resident every rotation, providing residents the finest opportunity to learn and grow together a physician. Macon additionally has a permanent scholarly activity coordinator that works one-on-one with occupants on research and also publication.

“The glowing star of my residency below at Macon is our main point faculty. Our attending physicians are every ambitious, motivated, and also well-versed in research-studies. It’s evident how much they care for us as residents and want united state to succeed as they have,” said emergency medicine resident, Dr. Vincenzo Happach. “The good ER learning setting at the hospital an unified with the human being of Macon that personify ‘southern hospitality,’ delicious southern heart food, and also a budding restaurant and also bar scene do this suitable fit for a resident.” Macon is situated in downtown Macon, Georgia with a lively music and also bustling downtown restaurant and also bar scene. Inhabitants love the vibrant society and college town atmosphere with quick accessibility to the mountains, beach, and America’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield- Jackson international with much more than 1,000 flights a day.

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