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I rented a private server through a couple of friends come play conan on, i m sorry is rather fun, but the downside is i cant access the adminpanel indigenous in game (as far as i know...), so ns tried to obtain the tower of the elephant trophy by acquiring on top of among them and then picking up ingredient from a chest, i overencumbered myself to about 250% that my delivering capacity, however the didnt take it damage. PVP is enabed, i additionally tested this by hitting them through a weapon, at which suggest they did take it damage... So, does anybody know just how much end encumbered i have to be? or execute we need to do that in a seperate, neighborhood session? 


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I in reality didn"t choose up any kind of items.

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I join my an enhancing partner"s server appropriate next wall surface in the start of the game and also I was able to jump off the wall onto his head without having to open the admin panel.


But anyway - you need to be able to access admin panel rights the same way in digital as that is offline through going come server settings and also click on "Make me Admin". You will just have actually to go into the admin password or something .

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Good luck!

Have been trying because that two hrs as well, while being overencumbered and also my girlfriend was not, through both being overcumbered, and by no being overencumbered if my girlfriend was, and also it never worked!


I yes, really don"t know what i am lacking there?!

Have to be trying for two hours as well, while gift overencumbered and also my friend was not, by both gift overcumbered, and by no being overencumbered when my friend was, and it never ever worked!


I really don"t understand what ns am absent there?!


Thanks, I ultimately got it. Ns stood on his head, climate held L2 + spammed X come grab some black ice cream furnitures and also it operated like a charm

This trophy is complete bullshit. 

For one the trophy summary says "Kill something by stand on it"s head". Something is clearly wrong because I"ve tried numerous animals and also thralls while being overencumbered by 100% all the means up come 2,000% and it doesn"t work.

You have to play coop virtual to execute this. You’ll need to stand on optimal on your an enhancing partner’s head climate be overweight to the suggest of killing him; then the trophy will certainly pop. 

Can this be done v two controllers, instead of having actually a friend digital jump in?