Is it feasible to add a strength vent to an existing gas water heater? The heater in concern is a Rheem and also the homeowner would prefer to convert it come a power vent. Ns have spoken with a few plumbers in the area and they said it couldn"t it is in done. Ns would similar to some more support as to whether it deserve to or can"t be done.

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Unless the manufacturer is ready to support (read warranty) the installation, and provide really detailed accuse on how it must be done, I would certainly walk away from that project.
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You can install a strength venter, fields makes one and use a push switch off the gas valve to turn on the motor. Keep in mind you may have to keep clearances off the grade and windows. Also this form of job-related would show off permits and also licensed contractors.Sent indigenous my iphone phone using pipes Forum
you might install a strength venter, areas makes one and use a push switch turn off the gas valve to revolve on the motor. Store in mind friend may have to keep clearances turn off the grade and also windows. Also this type of work-related would involve permits and also licensed contractors.Sent from my iphone phone using pipes forum
Danger ! danger ! peril !UNLESS fitting A MANUFACTURERS approved COMPONENT UNDER NO situations `ADAPT` THE VENT OF any type of GAS APPLIANCE !"Hello plumdrum",I have actually replied to the OP / akroh and You - quoting You due to the fact that You proclaimed that what that asked about would it is in achievable:I am a qualified and also registered Gas technician in the U.K.Altering any aspect of a Gas appliance will invalidate the Manufacturers specification and the Certification together `Safe and Fit because that Purpose`.The specifications / design and also installation needs of every Gas appliances room approved by everything Governing body oversees the design and also approval the Gas appliances in the U.S. And certifies them as Safe because that Sale / Installation. ANY alteration of a Gas appliance could reason IMMEDIATE danger to Life and Property.In this situation fitting a `Power Vent` fan would nearly certainly have actually a detrimental impact on the Burners and could cause the Flames ~ above the Burner to be pulled turn off ! i am details that what has actually been proposed about fitting a `Power Vent` to the Gas Water Heater would certainly NOT be either approved or condoned by the Manufacturer and also IF it to be done this would put the `Installer` the the strength Vent into an extremely serious / legally vulnerable position.In the U.K. Any modification such as this would put the installer into the place of gift prosecuted under the Gas safety and security Regulations - the Gas appliance would certainly be considered to be `Immediately Dangerous` due to the fact that the Manufacturers style / safety and security specification and approval had been altered.The Gas appliance gift `adapted` in this way could also cause the person who did for this reason to it is in prosecuted top top a charge of `Endangering Life` !I am certain that there have to be together a legal process in place in the U.S. - ?A less important but still very important factor to consider would additionally be that `Adapting` a Gas appliance would certainly doubtless render the Home`s insurance money invalid for any type of claim result from the break down the the Gas appliance.I have not been active on this Forum for fairly some time however I still receive Emails which list a range of topics - this was the case Today and also I come on to look at this thread.As a Gas Engineer i am devoted to Gas Safety and also I made decision to sign in now to article my comments / `Advice`. Hopefully this will override the advice that Plumbers who just take place to understand that a details Power Vent commodities exist and also THINK that they can be equipment to a Gas appliance. - OR in ~ least reason the OP / akroh to acquire information / an opinion indigenous a GAS ENGINEER that WILL notify them the the details the I proclaimed here.I am sure that the OP / akroh knows the Rheem and also other Water Heater manufacturers carry out manufacture a strength Vent version of Gas Water Heater yet I am guessing the the Homeowner wants to `Convert` the currently Gas Water Heater which will certainly not be possible.

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If the replies come this take the perspective that I came to expect as soon as I was active on this Forum there will no doubt it is in responses that disagree v what I composed from world who recognize next come nothing around Gas security / Gas appliances.I have actually worded this `Strongly` since interfering through a Gas appliance environment is DANGEROUS.Regards,Chris