well i’m glad you asked, friendo, due to the fact that holy fuckdo i have some life changing information to bestow top top you.

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Cool Cat saves The children was one ill-fated train wreck of a “”“movie”“” that came out in 2015. Directed, written by, and partially certification the man– nay, the legend–known asDerek Savage, Cool Cat conserves The children is supposedly “An Anti-Bullying Kid’s Gun safety and security Movie” (or for this reason it says on the DVD cover), but it is so much an ext than that. It’s usually my religion.

Cool Cat conserves The children is not an experience that can easily be summed up in a couple of words, yet i’ll try.

picture Barney the purple Dinosaur– a vaguely creepy yet eventually harmless anthropomorphic pet portrayed through an actor in an oversized costume intended come teach kids valuable life class in one approachable, fun way.


now picture Barney the purple Dinosaur, yet as an orange cat v an egocentric t-shirt, 25% that the budget, and 100000% the the creepiness.


yup, there he is.

the “”“movie”“” itself is a bad acted, poorly edited, incomprehensible heat dream, complete with comic sans everywhere and also vaguely pedophilic undertones. At one point, Cool Cat and also Daddy Derek (as the self-insert character played by Derek Savage call himself) are trying come think up a catchy song. Cool Cat suggests “Cool Cat loves to rock and roOLLL!” (he really states it like that, im fucking serious, have a look in ~ the clip chin if friend dont think me), to which dad Derek replies, “yEEah!” an uncomfortable pause occurs prior to Daddy Derek proceeds his argued lyric: “Cool Cat loves to…BOOGIE-WOOGIE!” and history was made.

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i very first heard about the miracle of Cool Cat conserves The children through the youtube channel IHE (or I hate Everything), a pessimistic review channel run by a male named Alex that puts self through terrible movies in order to dissect them because that our amusement. That is a thankless job and i bless him because that it. Anyway, his third most popular video is a evaluation of Cool Cat conserves The Kids, and for an excellent fucking reason. (his most popular video clip is I hate DAMN DANIEL if you were wondering.) he actually gained fucking struck for his completely justified hate for the movie by daddy Derek himself– the totality saga is worth discovering if you’re up because that a laugh and also a reminder of just how horrible mankind is.