The Court that Oryx is a huge part the Destiny: The taken King. We gathered every one of the information you require to aid you find the location of the Court, detail the Reciprocal, Stolen and also Antiquated Runes you need, and also cover boss fight strategies. The Court the Oryx is not for the light-hearted, for this reason make sure you have actually the finest Fire team through you, since you"ll require all the aid you can get.

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If you"re feather for more information top top The taken King, head end to ourDestiny: The bring away King Walkthrough and also Guide.

Court of Oryx Tips

Complete the Dread Patrol quest, then select the Level 35 Patrol option from the Dreadnaught in order to access the Court of Oryx.There space three statues in the hallway leading into the Court that Oryx that represent varying challenge levels. The most basic of the 3 recommends 190 Light.Organize a Fire team the three civilization to companion you, with interaction being crucial so you can coordinate your assault on your roadway to victory.Talk to your Fire team and also coordinate the damage varieties for every member so you"re ready for any kind of elemental shields friend come across.The Fire team member that presents the Rune receives the best reward. The reward is situated on peak of the platform by the portal once the boss fight is completed.

Court of Oryx Location

You can discover the Court that Oryx is by spawning into the Level 35 Patrol alternative of the Dreadnaught, which sends out you to the Hull Breach region. Head forward and also hug the right wall surface until girlfriend hit a door damaged up by several pillars. The inside section of the door is lit up, and also the floor is increased upon entering.

Continue with the door and also to the best as girlfriend head v a second door. Monitor the hallway come the left together it winds ago to the right, heading into the room of Souls. This takes you earlier outside where you need to climb up the stairs and also to the right. Look for the cavern doorway close to the height of those stairs and head with there to climb two much more sets of stairs on the left.

When the road forks take the best path and head up nearby ramp. As soon as you with the top, continue through the door and to the right, then move down the hallway and also to the left to reach one more room with more stairs come the left. Head left in ~ the top to reach the Court of Oryx.

Court of Oryx Tiers

At present the Court the Oryx has actually three tiers, v the likelihood that more will be revealed together Guardians continue to rise their light levels. Together you head into the hallway just prior to the Court the Oryx, there space statues ~ above both sides. On the left wall surface are 3 statues with an arena just beyond. This is wherein you"ll carry out your fighting.

The frostbite closest to the arena triggers the shortest tier the the Court of Oryx, while the one to the left of that triggers the 2nd tier, and the third and more complicated tier is motivated by the frosting that"s positioned the furthest far from the arena.

Each tier has a recommended light level and requires a specific form or Summoning Rune to be sacrificed in order start your session in the Court the Oryx.

Tier 1 - light 190 - mutual RuneTier 2 - irradiate 240 - steal RuneTier 3 - irradiate Unknown - Antiquated Rune

How to get Runes

Reciprocal Runes are relatively easy come find compared to several of the various other Runes. Friend only need to finish quests and also explore the Dreadnaught to attain these Runes. Us landed almost half a dozen in a couple of hours of playing on beginning day.

Stolen Runes are a little more daunting to come by. For one, us don"t have precise details on all of the tasks that drop them. However, girlfriend should be able to find this Runes by completing work on the Dreadnaught. It"s additionally likely there"s a Tier 2 Summoning Rune dropped indigenous Strikes, return don"t have actually confirmation of that at this time. Once you have acquired a Tier 2 Rune, charge it by completing three Tier 1 occasions in the Court the Oryx.

Antiquated Runes are considerably harder to obtain compared to the various other Runes. While complete details on obtaining this Runes room not however available, details points toward the Runes dropping in the King’s loss Raid. We"ve likewise heard rumblings that there"s a chance these Runes drop in Nightfall activities, and possibly by completing the Tier 2 occasion in the Court of Oryx.

Fighting in the Court the Oryx

Now the you know how to uncover the Court that Oryx and begin among the challenges, it"s time to relocate on to an ext general info around what to expect once the fighting begins. It"s crucial to save track of numerous things concerning the arena whereby the Court the Oryx is located. Look inside prior to placing a Summoning Rune in one of the statues to view a mist ~ above the floor. Be warned the this is poisonous. Uneven you have activated the Court that Oryx, continue to be out the it.

There"s a platform v a portal on the contrary side whereby the player who areas the Rune have to go to initiate the boss fight. This is additionally the ar where you pick up loot when the fight has actually concluded. As soon as the boss battle begins, save a nearby eye on the on-screen instructions the pop up as the ceo enters. These generally carry out hints concerning how you must complete the battle.

Tier 1 Court the Oryx Guide

The an initial tier that the Court that Oryx has six feasible boss battle that happen in the arena, and they"re all Level 36 opponents so friend should have actually at the very least 190 Light. This is an ideal battle because that a three-person Fire team that"s perfect The bring away King story and are looking to see what the Court of Oryx offers.

Bracus Horu’usk

As a member the the Cabal, Bracus Horu"usk isn’t all that complicated to defeat, however you still need a heavy Fire team by her side. His shield is only energetic when his lower level friends are around, so focus your fist on killing all of the lesser enemies first, then shift focus to dealing damage to Bracus Horu’usk for numerous seconds. In our experience, having two people destroy adds, when the 3rd tracks and also prepares to take under the boss, was the finest strategy. We even used the sword.


One of the huge keys come the battle against Krughor is focusing on the Cursed Thralls the spawn about the boss. We"ve all viewed Cursed Thralls in Destiny, yet this struggle actually features them functioning to her advantage. The only method to reduced Krughor’s shield is to shoot the Curse Thralls close to him. As soon as his shield walk down, focus your assaults on the boss until the shield comes ago up. Repeat this procedure until Krughor walk down.


As the saddest boss in the Court the Oryx, Lokaar has a special ability that enables him to teleport. However, doing so causes Lokaar to come to be tired, which provides him basic to take down. There aren’t any tricks or gimmicks here, simply use a weapon that matches his elemental shield, climate lay waste to the boss. It"s essential to keep in mind that Lokaar will periodically teleport right into the hallway with the statues wherein you won"t have the ability to hit him.


Vorlog is virtually identical to the prison of Elders boss that switches up his elemental shield every time you reduced it. The Hive article will use either an Arc, Solar or Void shield. Lower it and do inflict as much damages as girlfriend can, then prepare because that Vorlog to replenish the shield in a couple of seconds. As soon as the shield comes back, it deserve to be any type of of the three damage types, chosen at random. Every member of her Fire team must be equipped with a various elemental damage type.

Alzok Dal, Gornuk Dal and Zyrok Dal

These three Wizards don’t necessarily execute anything special, however you have to kill them all within secs of each various other or they"ll just respawn and the battle will continue. The strategy here is fairly straightforward, drop every Wizard"s health and wellness bars to roughly 10 percent, then her Fire team need to take them down in quick succession. Tracking Rocket launchers deserve to be very useful for this battle.

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Cra’adug and Mengoor

Cra"adug and Mengor room both Knights, v one being Hive and the various other Taken. Your shields will only lower when they"re close to one another, for this reason the Hunter - Nightstalker is really helpful here. Acquire them near together, tie them up, then her Fire team should emphasis on bringing one of the Knights down. Once the very first is down, the shield top top the 2nd one drops completely.