Cow story candy background is a solemn event of American ingenuity that started when Goetze’s Candy opened its doors in 1895! Initially founded in Maryland together the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company, this family-owned and also operated confectioner change gears in the 1940s, abandoning chewing gum in favor of developing the many luscious caramels ever before made. Their first creation to hit the sector was caramel creams, the sweet and creamy delights recognized as “Bulls Eyes.” these delicious, chewy treats to be made utilizing a mystery family recipe, and gained prompt popularity, which led to the 1984 arrival of an elongated version affectionately named Cow Tales. To this day, this smooth, melt in her mouth confections are made utilizing the original recipe, v ingredients sourced indigenous American suppliers whenever possible, to continue supporting the livelihoods of those who call the USA your home!

Easy come eat bite by delicious bite, cow tales room individually wrapped elongated caramels v a luscious cream filling that will bring you ago to the days once candy to be made the ideal way, v wholesome ingredients and traditional recipes! back its whimsical surname is somewhat bovine in nature, this chewy caramel candy is no a literal meaning cow’s tail.

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This sweet act derives its surname from the ingredients provided to develop it, consisting of real milk and cream, which provides it the fresh taste friend crave! accessible in both regular and mini sizes, and the delicious flavors of Original, Chocolate, and also Strawberry, as well as apple cream-filled Caramel Apple, this candies space pure decadence in every bite! for a fabulous act for any type of occasion, you can’t go wrong through the Cow story in mass at liquid Warehouse!

Fun Fact- Interestingly, this cow themed candy for revenue at candy Warehouse is surprisingly versatile as an addition to various other treats! all the yummy caramel, strawberry, and also chocolate cow story flavors can be used to do delicious confections choose Crispy Treats, melted to develop a super-easy caramel sauce, or adorn a cup of hot cocoa for a treat the really warms your hearts! over the years because their debut, Goetze’s came out through a few oddball flavors favor peanut butter and banana but decided come stick v the originals because of their incredible popularity. This American confectioner has likewise garnered plenty of honors, consisting of Candy hall of call Awards native the nationwide Confectionery Sales combination of America! there is no a doubt, for birthdays, holidays, or every day, this fifth generation, family-owned, and operated firm makes the sweet and chewy treats you and your household are certain to love!