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They were so nice. The man had a phone in his pocket on the apron he had on . I guess he was taking orders while dropping turn off the curbside orders. Very organized. Also, my chicken sandwich was...
This to be the an initial time I've ever before walked out of a restaurant. Us waited around 20-25 mins for a table, i m sorry is pretty conventional for CB and also wasn't a big deal. However, once our names to be called,...
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aided saves he day for a starving nurse!!! yielded with a hunk dimension of dumplings and baked apples. The good protein, carbs and also sauce combo. Can't beat this deal!
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do yourself a favor and don't even bother. I gave them a 2nd chance and also it was a large mistake. Lock forgot number of items in our take out order and also it take it 20 minutes longer than they time they...
We gain eating in ~ Cracker Barrel however this ar was a big disappointment. We waited about 2 hours for food. Lock did give a discount top top the food but I will certainly not go ago to this location.

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Cracker Barrel Old nation Store is a chain of family restaurants with one of its locations in Louisville, Ky. The restaurant offers home-style nation food and serves breakfast, lunch and also dinner. The breakfast menu contains ham, muffins, grits, crab, biscuits, pancakes and also beverages. The restaurant has a retail store that sells assorted collectibles, housewares, crafts, toys and candies. It in addition serves orange, tomato, grapefruit and cranberry juices. The restaurant s dessert menu includes baked apple dumplings, sundaes, and also fruit and chocolate cobblers through ice cream. That is vegetables and also side dishes incorporate whole kernel corn, sweet whole baby carrots, pinto beans, turnip greens and steak fries.