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jununyx because that this arts piece!

HP References

Anyone care for a caramel toad or a Schmertie Schmott"s Lots-o-Tastes CandyPellet?

Breakfast club References


AlexielApril because that this art piece!

The tavern owner says, "So, ns don"t intend you"d be needing a butter beer?" The witch says...

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*CRASH*...Forgot mine quill.

Other Media References

They’re taking the schmobbits come Aragorg!

(0:59:12) Liam: Bob Loblaw strikes again.

(1:09:12) Brian: did you get a small loan that a million wands as soon as you to be young?

(2:02:21) Liam: *sings etc riff come “Bad come the Bone”*

(2:17:28) Sam: Greased lightning! Travis: *sings*



Megzilla87 for this art piece!

(0:41:39) Liam: We’re gonna send you to Abzkadan.

(0:56:52) Liam: castle all really well hung. Waver away.

(0:59:35) Liam: Guys, K. J. Dowling would be so proud.

(1:13:54) Laura: Beetle needs aid down below. The sounded really dirty.

(1:25:43) Brian: I’ve never plugged a feet before. Bunder: It wake up to united state all at part point. The was plenty of years ago…

(1:26:50) Allison: you the one through the experience plugging holes.

(1:36:43) Sam: We’re playing chess and also fighting spiders? This is the worst! Brian: This is D&D Beyond.

(1:46:45) Laura: I know I’ve got a totality bag, but I don’t desire to pull it all out. Brian: it is what she said.

(1:50:07) Brian: have the right to I move Dildo Baggins here? Laura: Well, technically this is Dildo Baggins.

(2:18:59) Travis: would you speak it’s been... Thunderstruck?

(2:25:21) Sam: Man, the Sorting Mat really acquired it right with you.

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October 30, 2018/ sommos.net/
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