Cryptex is a word well-known to everyone, despite it is fairly young. It to be coined in 2003 to name a special container v a mechanical combination lock, in i beg your pardon someone’s secrets can be securely stored. Today, in a people where data defense is paramount we are giving you a cryptex to safeguard your digital data — the one and also only Cryptex usb flash drive and a family of associated stylish gifts.

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Cryptex. Information security and cool design

The irresistible charm the Cryptex lies in that is lock, numerous rotating rings v letters or digits. As amount of cybercrimes continuous rises, the idea of protecting digital data mechanically seems much more and an ext appealing, especially when the implementation is therefore great. Our Cryptex look at steampunk, victorian and also industrial in ~ the same time and helps preventing data theft. Besides, that adds an aspect of a game and fun into everyday life. No wonder it quickly ended up being a genuine bestseller.

Da Vinci Code?

There is one ongoing discussion on the internet on even if it is Leonardo Da Vinci developed the cryptex or not. Us cannot offer any type of definite answer, however our Cryptex, do by a russian designer Stanislav Tatarinov, was inspired by Leonardo’s sketches. Therefore the ideas of that an excellent Renaissance man found their method into our day and also age after ~ all.

Secure her data

To open up Cryptex you need to know a unique digital code. It way you deserve to leave you Cryptex journey with any type of amount of sensitive details on her office table and also not worry about data security. Someone might argue that Cryptex through its time-honored technique of maintaining secrets is much better even 보다 cloud technology.

Order together a promotion gift

Cryptex is just one of the ideal executive advancement gifts. Both stylish and useful, it artfully combines history with modernity and can be available to your customers, colleagues and business partner on a wide number of occasions. Cryptex have the right to be personalized with laser engraving.

Meet a family members of cool steampunk gifts

The success of our Cryptex USB disk drive triggered us to build the totality Cryptex product selection which now contains not only various editions that the initial thumb drive, however several various gifts in the similar style together well. There is Cryptex micro SD adapter, Cryptex ring Lock USB drive with its unique round shape and also Steampunk Power resource powerbank and also Steampunk strength Cord, a 2-in-1 power cable.

How to buy Cryptex

To stimulate Cryptex wholesale simply send united state an order pour it until it is full in the type on the site, and we will contact you shortly for bespeak confirmation and also payment details.

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If you want to to buy Cryptex digital for your personal use or as a gift for your friends and family, friend may place an bespeak on Amazon web-site (US citizens only).