David wrote and directed the opened Ceremonies because that the Summer Olympic Festival - the largest solitary event ever before held in phibìc Carolina. He command the premiere production of the out drama first For flexibility in Halifax, NC. His initial production, A Capitol Idea, was the highlight of Raleigh’s Bicentennial celebration. 4 of his original productions have actually aired ~ above WRAL-TV. 2 of his original plays (Eros & Illinois and also Requiem for a King) have had prolonged runs Off-Broadway. His script, Requiem for a King, was optioned by Motown Productions.

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He has frequently been attributed with elevating the bar that theatrical excellence in the Triangle area, and also initiating dynamic outreach programming now adopted by countless other theatre organizations. When Memorial Auditorium sat greatly unused and undervalued, David developed the very first series the theatrical productions ~ above its stage, start a process of rediscovery and expansion which ultimately resulted in the renovation and expansion that has resulted in the present Progress Energy center for the Performing Arts. In honor of his plenty of achievements, Raleigh’s City Council voted unanimously to rename the theatre’s basic “The Ira David lumber III Pullen Park Theatre.” In September the 2010, he to be inducted right into the Raleigh hall of Fame.

For north Carolina Theatre, David’s starring roles incorporate Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote - in three productions), Funny Girl (Flo Ziegfeld), Peter Pan (Captain Hook), La Cage aux Folles (Georges), Oliver (Fagin), The sorcerer’s of Oz (Wicked Witch the the West), The full Monty (Harold), Grease (Mrs. Lynch), and The Sound the Music (Captain Von Trapp).

A partial perform of honors include: The phibìc Carolina compensation in fine Arts, The order of the lengthy Leaf Pine, The Halifax Resolves Award, The Morrison Award, differentiated Alumni award from the university of The NC school of the Arts, distinguished Eagle enlightenment Award, & the Builder that Bridges compensation from the Babcock facility Foundation. He has been gift three tricks to The City the Raleigh and also honorary citizenship awards native Columbia, SC and also Compiegne, France.

Consistently voted finest Local gibbs in years of windy opinion polls, David has controlled to accumulate superior film and also television credits, having showed up on display screen with such stars together Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Neil Patrick Harris, Cliff Robertson, Matthew Modine, James Earl Jones, Burt Reynolds, and also Louise Fletcher.

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Though his list of acclaimed theatre roles is unequaled in our area, David is probably ideal known and loved because that annually showing the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge in his own musical adaptation that A Christmas Carol, which celebrated its 47th year that consecutive manufacturing this previous December. With three worldwide tours come its credit, and having played to end one million people, the production is now cited together “... One of the many successful reflects in north Carolina theater history.”

David is the writer of A Lover’s guide To The external Banks, Confessions Of one Elf, and also his newly published novel - The Russian Galatea. He is also a contributing writer to killing In Dealey Plaza: What We know Now That we Didn’t recognize Then. An award-winning playwright, David’s additional stage works proceed to be produced throughout the unified States.

The proud father of three—Evan Rachel Wood, Ira David wood IV, & thomas Miller Wood—David and his mam Ashley remain proud to contact North Carolina “home.”