Where carry out you walk in Fortnite to run in former of a bat statue, in a means above soil pool, and on a seat for giants? Ah, the infamous dance-in-front-of-something-obscure challenge. A pretty to recognize they’re there because that casual an obstacle completers, however for an progressed Fortnite challenge goer, you’ll finish an extra difficulty by visiting them every in a solitary game.

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That’s ideal route planners, dance in former of a bat statue, in a method above ground pool, and on a seat for giants in a solitary match, and also you’ve completed another an obstacle in itself. But, where room all those locations, and is it possible to obtain to all places in a single match? Of course it is! But, no without being prepared and planning first.

Want to know exactly how to complete this week’s dance in former challenge? We’ve covered just how to uncover all these places in the Fortnite season 10, week 6 boogie challenges, which consists of the bat statue in Haunted Hills, the floating pool near Fatal Fields and the seat for giants somewhere east of Polar Peak. When you come at every these locations, you’ll desire to challenge the object and also select your wanted dance style.

Fortnite bat frostbite location

The first location can be uncovered in Haunted Hills, northwest of the map. The bat statue sits at the back of Haunted House, ~ above the raised edge to the best of the point of view statue, alongside the residence that commonly hosts a chest.


Fortnite in a method above ground swimming pool location

True come its name, the pool in this week’s Fortnite difficulty can be found floating, right now located in the sky to the left of deadly Fields, it will proceed to relocate slowly around the map for the rest of the season – so store an eye out for it. The stranded motel positioned on a hovering mound of dirt has actually taken with it all the best parts from its follower Lazy Lagoon.


Fortnite seat for giants location

The last location, ~ above a seat because that giants, deserve to be found below Shifty Shafts and to the right of Polar Peak. The easiest method to get here is to land ~ above the gigantic wooden chair come the best of the small cluster of houses and also the tacos diner.


There you have it, all the places for the Fortnite Season 10 main 6 in front of challenges.

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If you’re excellent scaling giant chairs and boogying to bats, friend can check out our various other Fortnite mainly 6 challenges, progressive the disco sphere atan icy airplane hanger, or visit the overlapping piano.

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