Where perform you run or emote between two food trucks in Fortnite? The Downtown Drop difficulties have landed, and the basketball legend the is Michael Jordan has slam dunked his means into the battle royale game. Except, in this Fortnite Michael Jordan crossover, friend won’t be gaining this in your usual mode that king of the hill.

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When it concerns your Fortnite dance or emote between two food trucks, you require to finish this limited-time challenge by grabbing you yourself a game of Downtown Drop. This mode – co-created by developers NotNellaf and Tollmolia – sees friend grinding down city streets and collecting coins to obtain the high score essential to win.

However, while anyone else goes because that the win, you deserve to crack on your Fortnite Downtown fall challenges. One of which requires you to dance or emote between two food trucks in Fortnite, and also just doing the one difficulty will gain you the seriously cool ago Board ago Bling and the Gameface spray. Much more b-ball-style challenges will be on the way so you have the right to collect much more rewards, but we’re beginning with the 2 Fortnite food trucks in Downtown Drop.

Fortnite: run or emote in between two food trucks

When you begin a game you won’t be beginning in a fight Bus. Instead you have a straight street view through which you should race your rivals. Top top the second corner you will uncover the two Fortnite food trucks on the left prior to you make your third turn – one represents Durr Burger and the other their enduring rival, Pizza Pit.

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Here’s a screenshot the what they look like above as you technique them. If you acquire there rapid enough, you have to plenty that time to get your emote or dance move done to complete your Fortnite Downtown Drop challenge and grab her loot before another player takes the win and ends the game.

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Published: might 23, 2019

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