FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH Confirms break-up With Guitarist, Announces Replacement

January 20, 20090Comments

Los Angeles-based metal band FIVE FINGER death PUNCH has confirmed that it has parted ways with guitarist Darrell Roberts and also replaced him through Jason Hook.

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The team said in a statement: "The rumors room true, only with less spins and also no turbulence. Every band has its growing pains, and after 18 month in the trenches, relentless touring and also living together, us all pertained to a conclusion the a readjust had to be made. It was a common agreement between the band and Darrell, and also both parties wanted to take care of this through class and also as friend in our own time and on our very own terms. However, the rumor mill appears to work faster than anyone thought... It was a swift and smooth transition and us all remain good friends. Every clichés aside, we really great him the ideal on his musical endeavors. Together for us, Darrell joined the tape after our debut album was already recorded, therefore the direction and sound of FIVE FINGER death PUNCH clearly won"t change a bit."

Jason has operated with many acts over the years, including ALICE COOPER, BULLETBOYS, STEPHEN PEARCY and also VINCE NEIL. He additionally has a solo album out, called "Safety Dunce", which won the L.A. Music Award in 2005 for "Best Independent instrumental Album." The CD witnessed Hook partnering with FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH drummer and co-producer Jeremy Spencer to do a collection of recordings that strayed from traditional guitar critical music.

Commented FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory: "<Jason"s> an unbelievable player, and also a an excellent friend of all of us, so we hope ours fans will certainly welcome that in the DEATH PUNCH crew."

He added, "We room pushing forward; the European tourism is simply a couple of main away. We"re to plan on an ext international tours in "09 and also the relax of our next record at some time this summer. We"d additionally like to use this opportunity to thank all of our fans for their dedication and their constant support.... It"s a rarity these days, however you guys are truly amazing and made this band a big success."

Video clip of Jason Hook rocking the axe because that FPE-TV have the right to be regarded below.

Darrell Roberts played guitar for W.A.S.P. for several years and took part in the "Neon God" recording and also touring cycle. That was likewise a member that TUFF and also he played the "James Hetfield" duty in the famous late "90s West shore METALLICA tribute band ALCHOLICA.

FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH was cited as among the breakout rock bands that 2008, v their debut album, "The means of the Fist", selling more than a 4 minutes 1 of a million copies and also producing 3 singles, including the new "Stranger than Fiction". V the new track climbing the charts and more touring ~ above the horizon, singer Ivan Moody said The Pulse that Radio the the stakes are getting greater for the tape in 2009. "It"s getting intimidating, yeah," that said. "It seems favor the an ext people falling into us, the more weight is put on our shoulders, the higher the expectations, however you know, I"ve never been one to operation away native that kind of thing. Because that me, if it takes a small bit much more pressure to obtain us the end there to much more people, and to do the shows better, I"m all around it. Lug as much of the push as you have the right to possibly manage."

FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH"s previous single, "Never Enough", was taken indigenous an expanded edition the "The means of the Fist" released late last year.

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"The means of the Fist" has sold 278,000 copies in the unified States, follow to Nielsen SoundScan. The Canadian variation of the CD, which to be released ~ above November 4, has a live version of "The Devil"s Own" and also an acoustic variation of "The Bleeding".

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