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Posted on Sunday, 21 June 2020 Source mightydragoon Via mightydragoon
.Right here we go because this will be a long one. Enjoy folks. Here’s a collection of all the time travel fics I got my hand on. Most of them are Luke or Leia focused. Some completed others not so much and some still in progress,

1. Time and SandByScififan33 AU. His last memory is of his nephew killing Snoke so why in the name of the Force is he waking up with twin suns blasting down on him? the Force obviously has a very odd sense of humour. but if he’s here he might as well do some good.

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2. The PathwayByScamasax After a darker outcome at Bespin, Luke makes a final bargain. Time travel

3. Fulfilling a ProphecyBy: Kian-Rai Delcam

Qui-Gon’s eyes are gentle when he replies, “Changing fate is not always best, Vader. Whatever happens is as the Force wills it to be.” Vader scoffs, “I’m hardly a youngling to be lectured, Jedi. My knowledge of the Force is more complete than yours. You have not walked both sides of the Force as I have. The Force is neither an ally nor a slave, as the Jedi and Sith see it.”

4. Into the PastBySophieAnnWard

When the Force mysteriously sends Luke into the past-right in front of his Father in fact-will he be able to change the future, or will his efforts be in vain?

5. Shifting SandBy: SophieAnnWard

After the defeat of the Emperor and his Father’s death. Luke Skywalker wonders if he had made all the right choices. He then gets a second chance to save his Father and change the future. Luke goes back into the past - similar to my other completed story “Into The Past”.

6. ShatteredBy: CWBasset

The New Republic is on the brink of collapse. The Sith have reemerged, and war is on the horizon. Yet, everything that is happening around him feels utterly wrong… So when Luke Skywalker receives a mysterious offer to go back in time and correct the Galaxy’s destiny, how can he refuse?

7. Redemption Bylucky_ducky_123

The war against the Empire is finally over…however, young Luke Skywalker’s journey isn’t over yet. What happens when the Force decides to send Luke back in time to stop his father’s fall to the dark side? Will he succeed? Or will he alter too many details of the past and change the future for the worst?

8. The Force Works In Mysterious WaysBy: reddog24485

64 Year Old Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Wakes up in the body of his seventeen year old self. Realizing that he’s been given a chance to do things better this time around. He sets out to make great changes in the war with the Empire. Time Travel. L/M L/H

9. Change of FateBy: CrazyAni

What if the Force could grant your greatest desire? Luke Skywalker wishes to have known his father before he turned to the Dark Side. Could he change the fate of the galaxy by meeting Anakin? ROTS AU, timetravel. COMPLETED.

10. The Red PastToruviel

Hanging below the Cloud City, in shock and pain, abandoned by friends dead and alive alike, Luke Skywalker knew better than to ask for help for the third time. He begged for understanding instead.

The Force heard.

11. Back To The FuturePinkEasterEggs:

Teenage Princess Leia, heir to Alderaan’s throne and her twin, Luke Vader, heir to the Imperial throne, get thrown back in time with the chance to save their parents before it’s too late. With the Force finally on their side, they decide to have a little fun whilst they try and save their father’s soul.

What could go wrong?

12. Legacymyrlendi (thehistorygeek)

Three months after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker goes in search of a rumoured Jedi temple in a secluded part of the Mid Rim. He finds within the temple nothing but a strange artifact, which unexpectedly brings him much closer to the Jedi of old than he ever thought he would be.

When Luke fails to return from his mission, Leia goes after him, retracing his steps to the ancient temple — and to the past, to the time of the Clone Wars and the waning years of the Old Republic. Under suspicion by the Jedi Order, the twins struggle to find a way back to their own time while trying to keep their knowledge of the future from affecting the past.

This, however, turns out to not be as simple as it seems.

13. Working BackBack_At_It_Betty

Three years after Endor, Luke Skywalker- fighter pilot, Jedi Knight- is trying to keep a dying religion alive. Purely by accident, he finds a little more than he’d bargained for while playing archeologist on a long abondoned world.

14. To Cast Away StonesBy: Darthishtar

In order to change the course of history, the Alliance undertakes a dangerous mission to eliminate Vader, led by Leia Organa, the girl he tormented, and Luke Skywalker, the son of the man he murdered. There’s just one catch: Vader doesn’t exist yet.

15. To Gather Stones TogetherBy:Darthishtar

After the climactic ending of To Cast Away Stones, Luke, Leia and Han return to the Alliance. They must face the consequences of what they have discovered and to fulfill their mission, one way or another.

16. Ad Utrumque Paratusobeyingthemuse

It’s hard to bring balance to the Force when the only method you’ve seen is your black-cloaked psychic cyborg sorcerer dad with a severe breathing problem throwing an old man down the Death Star reactor shaft.

As much as Luke would like to see the not-yet-Emperor dead, he doesn’t want to be arrested by his unusually attractive(?) war-hero dad and spend the rest of his indeterminate time in the past dropping Ewok beats in a jail cell.

Also Leia would probably kill him. But not before breaking him out of jail.

So when the twins wake up on Tatooine decades in the past, they play it safe. They take over a planet, reconnect with their adoptive and real parents without weirding them out (too much), and accidentally cause the Chancellor perpetual near-death experiences.

Nailed it.

17. What’s Old Is New AgainNotARealGeek

Luke and Leia die at the same moment in an evacuation turned violent, and as they pass into the Force it reaches out and stops them. Landed in the past, they have to fight to change a future that may well be set in stone.

18. Just One WishLadyVader23

On a trip to Dathomir, Anakin Skywalker finds a spell that will grant him one wish. Anxious to return home, he wishes for a way to end the war. As a result, he ends up accidentally kidnapping his future children…moments after they’ve escaped Bespin. Luke is quite done dealing with his mess of a father, and Leia is convinced telling the future Darth Vader about the future will only make it worse. Desperate, Anakin calls in the only person they might listen to: Padme Amidala. Too bad Padme has a surprise of her own…

19. ChiaroscuroStarcross

“So”, Leia said, “you’re a ghost. From the future. Who, for some reason, came here to teach me the ways of the Force.”

“Yep.”“And who are you exactly?”The shapeless blob of light looked as embarassed as it was technically possible.“I’m your husband.”

In which Han refuses to leave for the afterlife, goes on a Force time-travelling road trip with beffudled Old Ben instead, and accidentally rewrites the entire cosmos.(It’s not ENTIRELY his fault if Leia is not impressed by that Jedi nonsense, or if spirits of ancient Sith lords keep popping up to offer their tutelage.)

Or - Obi-Wan can’t believe that not even death will stop the Skywalkers from dragging him into their drama. Maul thinks it’s hilarious.

20 Star Wars: Second ChanceTurtlephant

Luke Skywalker survived his fight with the Emperor, but his father didn’t. After the battle of Endor, Luke gets a chance to go back in time and set things right. How will things go down? Will Luke manage to save his father while maintaining his secret identity and without attracting Darth Sidious’s attention? Will he re-write the future, or will Anakin fall like before?

Star Wars AU

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. Lucas Films/Disney do.

Part 1 of the A Second Chance, the Force Has Given Us series

21. Sith Lord SwellAMournfulHowlInTheNight

“Well, looks like we’re all Sith Lords, now. I hope you’ve all been practicing your most menacing laughter for our first run in with the Jedi Council.”

Ben could only sigh and raise a distasteful eyebrow at the cross shaped, red lightsaber he was given. Down the line other students were also handling their new weapons and robes with a raised eyebrow here and quizzical expression there.

“Really, uncle?”

“Really. I don’t want to compete with the local Jedi population.”

Why did Jedi politics and time travel have to be so difficult?

22. a thousand miles and poles apartkuchikopi

Some people are lost in the desert. Others are found.

In which there are sand storms, time travel and proof that wherever there is both galaxy-destroying potential and family drama, you’ll probably find a Skywalker at the middle of it.

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(Or several.)

23. In the PastSilverDaye

It’s been two months after Bespin, and Luke Skywalker is trying to come to terms with the events that happened there. During a dogfight with Darth Vader, both of their fighters crash. When they recover, they both find themselves on Coruscant at the end of the Clone Wars. Vader still aims to claim his son, but Luke has been taken to the Jedi Temple where he meets Anakin Skywalker.