Of late,Dateline NBChas shown a strong interest in crimes linked to Colorado. simply a couple of weeks ago, Datelinefeatured the instance of Ralph Candelario, a Walsenburg resident who was judge of murdering his wife, Pam, then staging the scene to make it look as if she"d been killed by intruders. Candelario"s an initial wife, Dena Candelario, has been absent since 2004 — and after the broadcast, the investigation into Dena"s loss was reopened. Tonight, Datelinetakes on one more story we"ve covered in this space: the tale of Darwin Bagshaw, who pleaded guilty to death his girlfriend,Anne Kasprzak, once she was fifteen and also he was fourteen.

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A preview from the program, title "The Girl v the Red Shoes," is on check out below. Bagshaw"s motive? Prosecutors said Kasprzak called Bagshaw the she was pregnant also though she wasn"t — and also he reaction by beating her to death.
The murder actually took ar in the Utah ar of Riverton — yet Bagshaw to be living in grand Junction at the moment of his arrest, well after the original crime take it place. together we"ve reported,Kasprzak, then a student in the first year at Summit Academy in the town of Draper, to be reported missing by her parents on march 10, 2012. At around 10:30 a.m. The next day, the Draper, Utah, police room learned that a jogger had noticed blood and also a shoes on a pedestrian leg over the Jordan River.
officers were shortly dispatched come the scene, v a helicopter eventually joining the search — and before long, a body was spotted downstream in the river.
It to be Kasprzak. an autopsy determined that she"d passed away as a result of many blunt-force injuries to her head. At first the investigation seemed to move quickly. By march 24, regional police had actually issued a probable-cause explain aimed in ~ two guys in your thirties. according to that document, a witness declared Kasprzak had actually been struck during a party at one of the men"s homes, after i beg your pardon she was wrapped in a tarp and also taken away while tho alive. This pair and another unidentified man were said to have actually returned hrs later v bloodstains on their clothing. The two guys were promptly arrested. However, one was never charged, and also the following year, legislation enforcers confirmed that the other was no longer taken into consideration a suspect. At that point, the inquiry appeared to stall, only to flare to life again via a news conference top top October 16, 2014, at which the arrest in cool Junction to be announced. Charging records offered more details. The reports documented that a variety of calls to be made in between Kasprzak and her boyfriend — later established as Bagshaw — ~ above the evening she disappeared. The exchanges ended sometime after ~ 8:30 p.m. ~ the body was identified as Kasprzak, cops reportedly quizzed the boyfriend — and also they discovered blood top top his shoes. He defined that Kasprzak had suffered a bloody nose 2 weeks earlier, leading to the spatter — yet a friend that initially shown this story later told investigators that Bagshaw had actually asked him come lie top top his behalf. This same pal claims Bagshaw admitted he"d to be to the Jordan flow the night Kasprzak disappeared yet asked him to store that come himself, and to erase some text messages. Other proof is claimed to have consisted of a shredded piece of paper found in Bagshaw"s trash can that featured a "rough timeline" of what happened and mention the a jacket prefer the one Kasprzak had actually been wearing on the night in question. and cell-phone location information allegedly confirmed that Bagshaw had chatted with Kasprzak"s came to mom when he was about 100 meter from the crime scene. In the beginning, Bagshaw wasn"t established owing come his age, and also the case against him originally relocated forward in juvenile court. However, prosecutors argued for Bagshaw to be tried together an adult, and also a judge at some point agreed. This change in technique led to the relax of an ext details around what may have led to Kasprzak"s murder. Prosecutors speak she said friends she was pregnant — miscellaneous that supposedly distressed Bagshaw. soon thereafter, Kasprzak was eliminated — and a postmortem check revealed that she wasn"t actually pregnant after ~ all. Bagshaw"s trial was slated to begin on Monday, in march 7. but mere days before the proceedings were supposed to acquire under way, the pleaded guilty to the death — and also on April 25, he to be sentenced to a ax of in between fifteen years and also life. Here"s a preview that tonight"s Datelineepisode.
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