Dax Shepard is in mourning because that his father, a male true come his horny nature to the very end. The actor, soon to end up being a dad himself, has actually shared a tear-jerking post around his so late father ~ above Tumblr.

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Dax Shepard lost his father,Dave Robert Shepard Sr, in the closing hrs of 2012. The actor, right now expecting his very first child v Kristen Bell, posted an emotional article to Tumblr Thursday, paying tribute to the man known both because that his appetite and also love that women.

Remembering the man who passed away after battling tiny cell carcinoma at age 62, Dax Shepard explained, “We had taken top top this cancer job together. He chose me to address all the doctors and also creditors and also landlords. It to be the just project we ever teamed up on. We never built a tree house or a soap crate derby car together, however you would have actually never well-known it by watching us tear v chemo decisions and radiation plans. We were two great minds with one solitary thought: get into the end zone gracefully.”

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“He love to eat. Divine shit can he eat,” the 38-year-old composed of his late father. “Of every one of his addictions, and also there were numerous (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cars, houses, glowing things), eating to be his number one. He never ever did get a take care of on the vice. He can hunker under in front of the TV for hours, nibbling with comma-inducing ferocity the entire time. Naught in the pantry to be safe. He would certainly come up through the most counter-intuitive combinations of food. Prefer a true alchemist, he’d placed salsa ~ above oatmeal, or smother frozen waffles through a deserve to of black color beans. He was favor a forever stoned, pregnant woman.”

For four months Dax Shepard juggled his work-related commitments and pregnant wife‘s needs with trips to visit his father in Detroit. Slowly, however, as Dave Shepard Sr’s health worsened, he lost his infamous appetite.

“He can no longer sit up on his own, and talking to be proving to be too much for him,” the actor wrote. “So we sat quietly. I climbed in the bed v him and rubbed the tiny hairs ~ above the earlier of his neck. I squeezed him. I’d never seen him so cute and little. He was a 250 lb baby. We spent most of the day the way.”

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A surprise visit native Kristen Bell proved to be an extremely emotional moment.

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“She lifted her shirt up and he put his hand on her swollen stomach,” Dax explained. “He left the there because that the far better part of one hour. He was smiling indigenous ear come ear, sitting contently, can not to put together a sentence, yet still qualified of connecting to the new family member us were creating. That wasn’t going to make it come the birth, yet that didn’t acquire in the means of him meeting the brand-new baby. It was an emotional and also triumphant moment. One ns will never ever forget. If i live to be a thousand, I will still it is in in debt to my wife for giving him the one critical thrill.”

Though his father might barely speak in ~ the end, he controlled to still hit top top a nurse who was helping him usage the restroom —a shock for the actor.

“Here was a man, a bona-fide food addict, who had lost his will to eat,” the Parenthood star explained, incredulous the his dad mustered up the stamin to be perverted once more. “He couldn’t walk, and up until then, had stopped talking. He to be wearing a diaper for Pete’s sake. However here that was, horny as hell and also ready come party. It to be his only an essential sign tho thriving.”

Dax Shepard concluded, “We made the pain-free and with grace into the end zone; a feat that, together I compose this, overwhelms me with gratitude. Our first project with each other was a complete success. My just regret is that us didn’t take on more together.”