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"She used to Love Me a Lot" is a song recorded by American country music artist David Allan Coe. It was released in December 1984 together the lead single from Coe"s album Darlin", Darlin. The song peaked in ~ number 11 top top both the U. S. Billboard Hot country Singles chart and also the Canadian RPM country Tracks chart. It was written by Dennis Morgan, Charles Quillen, and also Kye Fleming. A version of the tune by Johnny Cash was tape-recorded in the at an early stage 1980s, yet remained unreleased until 2014. Much more »

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I observed her v the home window today D Bm She was sittin" in the silver- Spoon coffee shop GI started to keep going D Bm however something made me prevent G A BmShe supplied to love me a lotVerse 2: Bm A Bm She looked lonely and i knew the cure D BmOld storage would win her heart for certain G I believed i"d walk on in over there D BmAnd offer it my best shot G A Bm She used to love me a lotVerse 3:(Half a ton higher) cm Bb centimeter I satellite down next to her and she smiled Eb CmShe stated where have actually you been it"s been awhile G# She seemed so happy to see me Eb centimeter Lord,i could read her thoughts G# Bb CmShe supplied to love me a lotChorus: G# Eb She used to love me through a love that wouldn"t die G# G Looking in ~ her currently i can"t believe i said good-bye G# Eb cm It would just take a minute come turn earlier the clock G# Bb cm She supplied to love me a lotVerse 4:(Half a tone higher) C#m B C#m Well i reminded her how an excellent it was ago then E C#m I said you recognize it"s not to so late to start again AWe could spend a night together E C#mTake up whereby we left off A B C#m She supplied to love me a lotVerse 5: C#m B C#m Then ns panicked together she turned to walk far E C#m together she went out the door ns heard she say A yes i"m in need of miscellaneous E C#m yet it"s something you ain"t got A B C#m however i provided to love friend a lotChorus bis: A E She offered to love me v a love that wouldn"t die A G# Looking in ~ her now i can"t think she claimed good-bye A E C#m the would just take a minute to turn ago that ol" clock A B C#m She used to love me a lot of A B C#m She provided to love me a many A B C#m She supplied to love me a many ...

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David Allan Coe David Allan Coe (born September 6, 1939) is one American outlaw nation music singer who completed popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. Together a singer, his biggest hits to be "Mona Lisa shed Her Smile," "The Ride," "You never Even dubbed Me by my Name," "She offered to Love Me a Lot," and "Longhaired Redneck." His best-known compositions room the No.

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1 successes "Would you Lay through Me (In a field of Stone)," which was extended by Tanya Tucker; and "Take This Job and Shove It," i m sorry was later on covered by Johnny Paycheck the was later on a fight movie (both Coe and Paycheck had minor components in the film). An ext »