Is this "seems-impossible-to-beat" next mission forced for platinum? I"m obtaining my ass handed to me also with all of the health and wellness upgrades. One of the best fucking difficulties I"m having actually with this shit video game when it concerns combat is that it never responds all that well as soon as hitting the triangle button to counter. "Fluid and responsive controls" though, best guys? mine ass.

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Do you understand what"s making the difficult? It"s so glitchy! The counter is complete shit and fifty percent the time doesn"t counter. This uses to every combat case I"ve come across in the video game so far however it"s even worse in this mission. Even with the Vigilante outfit (counters room made much easier to perform bonus stat) it doesn"t do a bit of difference.


Picking increase knives off the ground and also trying come target an opponent is a check in frustration as result of the reality that half the time, when again, it just kind the glitches and doesn"t target enemies.


I remember this game frustrating the living shit the end of me as soon as I platinumed it earlier on the PS3. The PS4 variation is much worse in mine opinion, especially this mission in question. Where this spike of difficulty comes from and also WHY is beyond me however man crap this game, ns regret to buy it and playing that again.




So after ~ trying every outfit, every technique I might think of, one simple method worked because that me: No buffs - got worn down of to run to the different vendors come buff myself when it didn"t even make a fucking distinction anyway - no running about picking increase dropped knives to shot and litter at adversaries as the mechanic is completely broken and also was doing nothing however get me killed. I just wore the Super-Swat Tactical Uniform and also spammed the hell the end of the square switch with gold knife in hand ideal where every the adversaries drop under from. Ns passed the on my first attempt this way.

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I got sick of do the efforts every an approach read around or that I might think of just to fail consistently so I stated fuck it and also "swung because that the fences", together the speak goes. Doing the this means it took me like 5 minutes - if that - to clear 30 enemies. Go I gain lucky? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But with every the adversaries dropping down and being concentrated in one area i was basically doing "area of effect" damage. An additional words i was hitting/killing multiple adversaries with each swing so I had the ability to clear tide faster and also get health bonuses.


But of course gift so heavily concentrated this method it could additionally backfire on girlfriend quite fast by getting totally gang-raped on all sides so perform your best to counter as much as friend can also to minimize this problem. Try it and also see what happens. Swing for the fences prefer I did ideal where the adversaries drop down from and see if it helps you obtain past this infuriating mission.