From setlists to support acts and also surprises, we've acquired all the details you require on Brendon's latest lineup the concerts throughout America.

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Panic! at The Disco have just started their large Death that A Bachelor tourism of the US, soaking up arenas across the country through come April in assistance of their wonderful 2016 album the the very same name.

But what deserve to you mean to check out at these mega-shows? Don"t worry, we acquired all the details for you right here so, even if you haven"t obtained a ticket, you deserve to still acquire all the highlights in the lull of your very own home.

1) What"s the setlist like?

The UK mirrors at the finish of critical year concentrated largely approximately newer material however Brendon has plainly decided to mix points up for these more recent dates, bringing in some lengthy forgotten classics and a few cheeky covering versions.

First increase there"s this medley of monitor from A heat You Can"t Sweat Out the takes girlfriend straight ago to 2006:

"I compose Sins..." it s okay its very own individual airing later. Obviously.

Plus, the band take top top Billy Joel"s "Movin" Out" and give a live debut to your cover that The Weeknd"s "Starboy", first premiered top top UK radio critical year:

Seriously, this suits his voice so well that we space gonna require a complete album of "Beebo walk R"n"B".

Oh, and Brendon also gets a little drum solo to Bruno Mars" inescapable single "24K Magic".

Tbf, that"s a major tune.

2) Who space the assistance acts?


Fueled by Ramen

The truly great Misterwives and also Saint Motel space warming increase the crowd across the country. Misterwives" brand-new album Connect The Dots is set to autumn in may while Saint Motel released their second record Saintmotelevision last October.

3) any surprises in store?

(Obviously, don"t review on if you don"t wanna know).

The mid-section the the display has a nifty tiny triple bill of surprises in save for the audience i beg your pardon are, in order...

1) Pete Wentz pops increase in video type to perform that whole cult leader thing from the "LA Devotee" video.

2) Brendon then appears at a glittery piano in the center of the floor for a solo take on "This Is Gospel".

3) he then provides his means back to the stage by walking directly through the crowd, hugging and also posing because that photos as he goes.

Needless come say, there"s a most screaming throughout.

And if you are REALLY lucky, you might even obtain to a distinct guest, like as soon as Noah Schnapp, aka will from Stranger Things, turned increase at new York"s Madison Square Garden display for a run-through the "LA Devotee".

I cannot FUCKING believe THAT
brendonurie carried OUT
noah_schnapp because that LA DEVOTEE #DeathOfABachelorTour

— Evan Hayes (
e_hazey) in march 3, 2017

Still wait for that Brendon cameo in season 2 tbh.

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4) What if ns can"t get a ticket?

Relax - the boys space posting a new tour diary full of behind the scenes footage every week. Examine them out below:

Panic!"s tourism concludes top top April 15th in Sunrise Florida. Acquire the full list of dates righthere.

Check the end our full interview through Brendon in London critical year in ~ the attach below: