With one of the most comprehensive lists that celebrity fans and also followers of any seed financial institution in business, The Devil’s Harvest has the kind of reputation the speaks because that itself. Constantly prioritizing quality over quantity, The Devil"s Harvest to produce a select catalog of seed that in all instances are multiple cup-winners you need to experience to believe.

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if you want to thrive something "devilish" indigenous an award-winning particle bank climate look no additional than this variety of feminized and also regular marijuana seeds obtainable at sommos.net seeds Bank.

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Created by 2 Amsterdam-based breeders v a penchant for heavy-hitting smokes, The Devil"s Harvest particle Company has been to win awards for your strains since 2012.

Determined to offer an ext potent assets than your city"s well known coffeeshops had available at the time, this Dutch breeders have been combining old-school genes and personal favorites with new strains to create a selection of super solid hybrids.

They were aiming because that the best flavors, best yields and shortest flowering times, and given your rock-solid reputation, it"s same to call theirs a mission accomplished.

Brand Evolution

Masters that Innovation

The Devil’s Harvest has always distinguished themselves from the competition by leading the field in innovation and also experimentation. Fairly than just throwing the end dozens or even hundreds of generic strains, whatever that comes the end of The Devil’s Harvest is a product that precision and also pure professionalism. No to mention, an iconic and also unique strain you will not uncover elsewhere.

Today, The Devil’s Harvest proceeds to command the charge through a seriously outstanding lineup that top-shelf strains. In terms of fragrance, flavor, potency and effects, whatever on the table indigenous The Devil’s Harvest scores top marks in every the best places.

The Devil’s Harvest seeds have rapidly gained a call for developing unique three strains, customers select our genetics to accomplish high yields. Our regular and feminized cannabis seeds are an extremely reliable and have been bred to have the shortest possible flowering period. With famous award-winning strains favor RollexOG, Strawberry tart Diesel and Shoreline you will uncover the cup to win strain for you.” - (The Devil’s Harvest)

Born and also Raised in Amsterdam

A reputable and also celebrated veteran that the Amsterdam three scene, The Devil’s Harvest is staffed by a compact team of pros with decades of combined experience. Having actually scooped up dozens of call awards over the years, this guys recognize what it way to produce exquisite weed the goes past pharmaceutical grade.

Still true to your roots, the folks in ~ The Devil’s Harvest continue to prioritize top quality over quantity with everything they do.

From casual residence growers come commercial cultivators, The Devil’s Harvest market something come satisfy also the many selective and discerning tastes.

Celebrity Patronage

The Devil’s Harvest has actually a list of celebrity fans and followers that reads choose a who’s who of anyone worth knowing. And it"s pretty lot the same story through their cannabis seed collection, from peak to bottom special nothing but heavy hitters and also multi-award-winners.

“Amsterdam has always led the way in creative breeding, our award-winning three seedbank has taken the competition civilization by storm. We have actually won several high-profile Cannabis Cups. These include High times Amsterdam, Spannabis & High Life come name yet a few. This success has led to us garnering assistance from throughout the stoner universe, consisting of some high-profile celebrity stoners.” - (The Devil’s Harvest)

“...by picking Devil’s Harvest, you’re guarantee to it is in in such great company. As all of our feminized seeds room genetically identical, you really can buy our seeds and also produce the specific same weed together your favourite celebrity stoner – every you require is the dedication and skill. Celeb fans incorporate the likes that Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg, method Man, Ghostface Killah (Wu flavor Clan), Jadakiss & formats P (L.O.X), Redman, Badazz, Chronixx, Nelly, SlipKnot, ZZ Top and even Sting!” - (The Devil’s Harvest)

Essential Strains

If girlfriend really desire to get a taste for what The Devil’s Harvest is every about, collection your sights on any of the following and you i will not ~ be disappointed:

Auto Reek’n

A stress, overload that resides up to her name with a stink the won’t quit, Auto Reek’n has accumulated at least five prestigious awards since bursting top top the scene several years ago.

Characterised through compact however heavy-yielding plants that room perfect because that confined indoor prosper spaces, Auto Reek’n has actually the type of quintessential OG flavor and fragrance you just can’t get enough of. Likewise, Auto Reek’n is also an pure superstar because that bringing top top a solid and frequently incapacitating human body buzz the epitomizes pure pleasure.

The Devils Glue

Recipient the a first-place prize in ~ the 2017 High times Cannabis Cup, The Devils Glue has end up being a firm favourite for the production of potent and flavorful extracts. Not that this is surprising, once you view just exactly how much resin this ingredient produces and also get a noise of her glorious fragrance.

With tiny to no initiative required, The Devils Glue plants create monster-sized nugs in no time at all, which together with a hefty THC content are famous for their strong and lingering aftertaste.

Golden fog Feminized

Everything you might ever wish because that in a heavy-hitting Haze, through an intriguing flavor profile and also a THC contents that frequently exceeds 20%. You’ll need a great 2m or for this reason of headspace to get the ideal out of your Golden haze Feminized, yet give her what she needs and she’ll reward friend with an ext quality cannabis than you recognize to execute with.

If you’ve smoked Haze, you will do it know exactly what to mean from Golden fog Feminized - just turned approximately 12.

Rollex OG Kush Feminized

Not forget Rollex OG Kush Feminized, which, prefer her equivalent above, demands plenty of head room to execute her business.

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Recipient that at the very least three Cannabis Cup awards, Rollex OG Kush Feminized never stops working to impress through her ridiculous THC production and also capacity come knock also the many seasoned stoners clean off your feet. If you require something to tranquilize and also incapacitate you at the finish of a tough day, look at no additional than Rollex OG Kush Feminized.