Jesser is one American influencer and also gamer that is most well-known for his gaming and basketball videos top top YouTube.

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The young society media celebrity had amassed almost 3.3 million followers on the video clip streaming communication by 2021, and as part of among the world’s best collaborative groups, he’s won exposure to numerous millions more.

Here’s what us know around the young California native living his best life online.

The origin Story

Jesse Riedel to be born on 27th march 1999 in Los Angeles, California.

The California boy has a brother called James—also known as Jiedel, a other social media star.

James and also Jesse’s mom works at a local sector in your hometown, while their father, guy Riedel, works as an automotive salesman.

Jesse and James both avoided the university route, picking to chase their dreams of digital celebrity instead.

James, who is 4 years older than Jesser, to be the an initial to begin posting videos to YouTube, yet the pair both ended up detect success together social media influencers in the gaming sphere.

Sibling Rivalry—Or A family Affair?

Jesse and his enlarge brother may enjoy part sibling vain on YouTube, yet the pair plainly have a solid bond.

While Jiedel has actually crafted his online persona approximately gaming montages and also hacks, Jesser has developed his following around his performance in gameplay and also walkthroughs.

Jesser is most well-known for his high-quality gaming content, basketball gameplay and commentary, and also his entertaining challenge videos—like this insane mini hoop dunking contest.

Kristopher London & Jesser –
Getty ImagesIn 2020, the 2HYPE crew produced an alliance that would aid catapult them to brand-new levels of influence in the gaming arena.

They signed to a popular brand, 100 Thieves.

At the exact same time, they also announced the end of an alliance v Mopi.

The ultra-influential gamer announced ~ above his social media accounts that he would be leaving the 2HYPE collaborative and also doubled down on his announcement by claiming the only had a good relationship with 2 that the 6 present members of the group.

TDPresents and also LosPollosTV had additionally cut ties with the group before they signed through 100 Thieves.

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Everything’s comes Up Roses

Things may have been a small up and also down v 2HYPE v 2019 and also 2020, but they were looking rosy because that Jesser on the romance front.

In 2017, he met wannabe Instagram version Iman Awann.

The young beauty to be slowly building a social media audience of she own, and the pair maintained their budding romantic under wraps as they both operated to create their brands.

Then, in December of 2018, Jesser uploaded a video clip titled “Our Hawaii Dream Vacation” and also inadvertently presented Iman come the world.

In April the 2019, Jesser uploaded a video titled “Forfeit basketball vs. Mine girlfriend.” The videos have amassed countless views.

In July that 2020, Jesser announced via a TikTok video that he and Iman had broken up.

Iman bore the brunt that the backlash, v Jesser’s fans calling she a gold digger and also accusing she of cheating.

He set the record straight, explaining the nobody had actually cheated and also that ending the connection was his decision.

He intimidated to block anyone that talked badly around his ex.

While Iman and Jesser may have gone their separate ways, both of lock seem come be committed to growing their virtual fame.

Iman has joined OnlyFans, and Jesser is tho releasing content on YouTube.

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Jesser is 5 ft 9 in (180 cm) tall.

Jesser – net Worth

Riedel earned most of his wide range from to run ads ~ above his YouTube channels and also selling merch top top

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On YouTube, Riedel has much more than 1.3 billion views, definition about $4 million in revenue prior to taxes. Therefore, YouTube Jesser has actually an approximated net precious of $3 million.

Want to gain to understand Jesser better? check out his video that an main 2HYPE basketball game—with end 11 million see so far!