Differential Equations and Boundary value Problems: Computing and also Modeling (Edwards/Penney/Calvis Differential Equations)

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because that introductory courses in Differential Equations.

This best-selling text by these famous authorsblends the classic algebra difficulty solving an abilities withthe conceptual development and also geometric visualization of a contemporary differential equations course the is vital to science and engineering students. It shows the brand-new qualitative technique that is transforming the finding out of elementary differential equations, including the broad availability of scientific computing environments like Maple, Mathematica, and also MATLAB. Its focus balances the classic manual techniques with the brand-new computer-based methods that illuminate qualitative phenomena and make easily accessible a broader range of more realistic applications. Seldom-used topics have been trimmed and new topics added: it starts and also ends with discussions of mathematics modeling of real-world phenomena, noticeable in figures, examples, problems, and applications transparent the text.

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About the Author:

C. Henry Edwards is emeritus professor of math at the college of Georgia. He earned his Ph.D. In ~ the university of Tennessee in 1960, and recently retirement after 40 years of classroom teaching (including calculus or differential equations practically every term) in ~ the universities of Tennessee, Wisconsin, and also Georgia, v a short interlude at the academy for progressed Study (Princeton) as an Alfred P. Sloan research Fellow. He has actually received countless teaching awards, including the university of Georgia"s honoratus medal in 1983 (for sustained excellence in honors teaching), its Josiah Meigs award in 1991 (the institution"s greatest award because that teaching), and also the 1997 statewide Georgia Regents award for research study university faculty to teach excellence. His scholarly career has ranged native research and dissertation direction in topology come the background of mathematics to computing and technology in the teaching and also applications of mathematics. In addition to being author or co-author of calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations textbooks, he is renowned to calculus instructors as writer of The Historical advancement of the Calculus (Springer-Verlag, 1979). Throughout the 1990s he offered as a principal investigator on three NSF-supported projects: (1) A school mathematics project consisting of Maple for start algebra students, (2) A Calculus-with-Mathematica program, and also (3) A MATLAB-based computer lab job for numerical evaluation and differential equations students.

David E. Penney, university of Georgia, completed his Ph.D. In ~ Tulane university in 1965 (under the direction of Prof. L. Bruce Treybig) while to teach at the college of new Orleans. Previously he had operated in speculative biophysics at Tulane University and the Veteran"s management Hospital in new Orleans under the direction the Robert Dixon McAfee, whereby Dr. McAfee"s research study team"s primary emphasis was top top the energetic transport that sodium ion by biological membranes. Penney"s main contribution here was the advancement of a mathematical design (using simultaneous plain differential equations) because that the metabolic phenomena regulating together transport, v potential future applications in kidney physiology, monitoring of hypertension, and treatment of congestive love failure. He also designed and constructed servomechanisms for the exact monitoring the ion transport, a phenomenon involving the measurement of potentials in microvolts at impedances of millions of megohms. Penney started teaching calculus at Tulane in 1957 and also taught the course almost every term v enthusiasm and difference until his retirement in ~ the finish of the last millennium. Throughout his tenure at the college of Georgia he received plenty of University-wide to teach awards and also directing numerous doctoral dissertations and seven undergraduate research study projects. The is the author of research files in number theory and topology and also is the writer or co-author the textbooks on calculus, computer programming, differential equations, direct algebra, and also liberal arts mathematics.