I am about to complete my 2nd run with of the game and also I am at that part in the first Garden where there are 6 death Knights attempting to stop us from fighting the Void Dragon.The death Knight regulate Wand was put in my inventory after the Soul create took place. I equipped stated wand however when i go to use it the Knights continue to be invulnerable. I attempted to hit the very same knight numerous times in a row however he remains invulnerable. Ns tried reloading number of times but the exact same thing happens.I climate tried very first casting the spell that makes them vulnerable and then usage the wand but I to be hardly touching them; very small damage in ~ at all.Is this a known concern or am I lacking something? ns did not have this problem when i did my first run through. Thanks.

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Are you simply attacking through the wand? The wand enables the character to usage the death Knight Removal ability (the symbol is comparable to fatality Knight Bane), which need to one shoot them.For suggestions for the hit itself, see PS4 enhanced Edition -- help with Leandra"s Army.
That"s the problem, then; direct assaults using the wand wouldn"t execute much damages (14-28 Tenebrium) also if the targets weren"t invulnerable.

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