Best answer: The Division 2"s Year One Pass grants players 7-day early accessibility to the game"s initially year of DLC drops in addition to exclusive missions, bounties, and also instant accessibility to 3 Specializations. It does not incorporate the Warlords of New York development. Now that the first year of content is practically over, there"s no reason to buy it.

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Should you buy the Year One Pass?

No. Now that the game"s initially year of content is currently accessible to everyone, there"s no reason to buy the Year One Pass. You"d basically be paying $40 for a handful of classified objectives. There is no factor to spend that type of money on what amounts to practically nothing.

Does it incorporate Warlords of New York?

No. Warlords of New York is an entirely sepaprice growth from the Year One Pass. You"ll should buy Warlords of New York for $30.

What does Ubisoft arrangement to release in the time of The Division 2"s initially year?

The developer has actually a lot planned going forward after The Division 2 initially releases. There will certainly be 3 big content Episodes that expand also the story, three Specializations that release alongside the Episodes, and an 8-player rhelp.

And as via a lot of live service games, quality of life improvements, performance optimization, bug fixes, and new events will certainly be released throughout the year also.

Detailed by Ubisoft, the Episodes are as follows:

D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions: Hunt a traitor to a wooded presidential retreat, cut the head off the Outcasts at the zoo, and also endure the brand-new Expeditions.

Pentagon: The Last Castle: Fight your means through flooded environments and also Babsence Tusk troops to reach the Pentagon. Explore the structure and the DARPA labs beneath it, and also retrieve a perfusion bioreactor before Black Tusk can smuggle it out via a Cold War tunnel netjob-related.

Coney Island: The Hunt: Kidnapped virologist Vitaly Tchernenko might host the essential to curing the Eco-friendly Poiboy, and he"s around to be handed to the Babsence Tusk on Coney Island. Episode 3 adds brand-new locations to discover in 2 main missions, two Classified Assignments, a brand-new Firewall Specialization, and also a acquainted enemy: the Cleaners.

Isn"t the initially year of downloadable content totally free for everyone?

Yup! Ubisoft plans to release The Division 2"s first year of content totally free for all players. Even if you don"t buy the Year One Pass, you will still be able to play through all 3 content Episodes. You won"t be locked out of major content simply bereason you didn"t purchase it.

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New threats

The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion

Face your the majority of formidable opponent yet

Spfinishing your money as you check out fit is your prerogative, however tbelow isn"t any type of factor you have to be buying the Year One Pass anymore. Save your money for the Warlords of New York expansion instead.