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im trynna bop those silver- bullet air maxes tomorrow morning yet not sure whether to walk true to dimension or size up a half. Everyone got any kind of knowledge on this? thanks.


Will this be tough to cop? I"m reasoning of walk in the afternoon tomorrow to a nike manufacturing facility outlet store and champs.

i feel prefer this will be an easy cop, at least where i live. Nobody fucks v am97"s herekinda wanna pass tbh

Will these be hard to cop? I"m thinking of going in the afternoon morning to a nike factory outlet store and champs.
p certain it"s gonna be basic cop unless u in a big, stylish cityI live in a white ass suburb wherein I doubt it"s gonna be tough to gain just gonna present up at my neighborhood Footlocker or champs tmrw and I"m sure I"ll conveniently get it
i feel prefer this will be an easy cop, at the very least where ns live. No one fucks with am97"s herekinda wanna pass tbh
I require to try em top top in store prior to I buyGonna walk in a fit I"d want to absent them with and see if they look great on feetNever had any air maxes permit alone a 97 before and this seems choose the kind of shoe wherein I like just how it look at in general yet hate just how it looks on my feet
TTS i would wait ~ above the silver bullet 95"s tbh lock look mad fye, but the 97s raw too. They"re bulky so make sure ya don"t gain em as well big
I need to shot em on in store before I buyGonna go in a to the right I"d want to rock them with and also see if lock look great on feetNever had any air maxes let alone a 97 before and also this seems like the type of shoe where I like just how it look at in general but hate exactly how it look at on mine feet
same here, they aren"t my typical style yet could make a good summer beater so I"m actual iffy, especially because they aren"t cheap.

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They"re TTS. I have very early pair. Some people are saying walk a fifty percent size up because of a slightly snug toebox however they would have actually been too large if ns did that. Castle fit quite perfect together is and also are tied to give a little even if lock were also snug.As for whether these will certainly be easy or tough to cop, i can"t obtain a read. Ns feel like they made a the majority of these.
cant include to dare on sneakersnstuffnothing fucking happened when the clock quit so I had actually to refresh smh
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