i heard it in the pair movies and also podcasts, and also was may be to map it to the Cole Porter song "You execute Something come Me" from 1929. I think it"s where it come from, but I just want to it is in sure. Also, how popular it is amongst native speakers/Americans, and also what team of civilization using it the most? Age, race, gender, type of a human if possible.

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It was developed by Cole Porter, a songwriter who was known particularly for his exceptionally clever and also inventive wordplay. This phrase is just one example.

It is not, however, a frequently used phrase. I find that referrals to it really are only making allusions come the original source. That isn"t in usual speech in ~ all. It is and also was simply a clever heat from a lover song.


The expression "do that voodoo that you carry out so well" has been offered in two movies other 보다 the movies that the song has appeared in. Most recognize it was spoken by Harvey Korman in the movie "Blazing Saddles", however it was also talked by Col. Sherman Potter in the "MAS*H series, Season 8/Episode 24, "Back Pay", March, 1980, six years ~ Blazing Saddles to be released.

Blazing Saddles. For the Mash Episode, the script is here.



Let"s not lose sight of the underlying meaning. As soon as she sings Youdoo voodoo youdoo, she is saying a few things aside from silly wordplay. She is hinting, strongly because that the times, that she desires him to do much more of the magic that he "does" to her.

You execute something to me = You rotate me on.Something that merely mystifies me = You rotate me on.You have actually the power to hypnotize me = You turn me on.Let me live "neath her spell = You revolve me on, and the position suggested is not accidental.

For clarification, listen together Marlene Dietrich sings it.

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I recognize this is an old answer and also you most likely don"t care anymore, but while the expression is not precisely popular, i wouldn"t speak the expression is totally unused, either. Probably due to the fact that of the movie Blazing Saddles, ns think the is used periodically by human being - and neither ironically nor charmingly, yet simply jovially. Google ngrams mirrors an boosted usage beginning around 2010, and clicking through mirrors it being provided in number of books. In part cases, lock are recommendations to the initial song, however in other instances not. Here"s an instance from "Bombshell: A Novel" in 2013:

“Hell, I"ll do every little thing voodoo that you do, Nona."

It"s fiction, however I think that"s a nice accurate example of exactly how somebody can use it. I understand I will use it occasionally simply as a joking reference, due to the fact that I understand my audience will recognize it because of the movie.