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"Well, Of food I recognize Him. He"s Me." is a memorable quote indigenous the movie Star Wars: illustration IV -- A brand-new Hope stated by the character Obi-Wan Kenobi, i beg your pardon has come to be a famous punchline for picture macros. Online, the heat is offered to punctuate a joke in which one human being admits come something humorous, absurd or offensive.


The line was very first uttered in the movie Star Wars: episode IV-- A new Hope, an initial released on might 25th, 1977. In the film, the character Luke Skywalker asks his friend and also mentor Ben Kenobi if he knows or is concerned an "Obi-Wan Kenobi," unaware the they are one and the same. Kenobi responds, "Well, of course I know him. He"s me."

The earliest instance of the minute being offered as photo macro was posted by Redditor <1> StapMyVitals on July 14th, 2014 in the /r/shittyreactiongifs subreddit. The Redditor posted the scene in a gif in the object "MRW the police room appealing for information around a neighborhood flasher."


starwars.humor common a variation of the scene with Senator Palpatine"s face photoshopped over Obi-Wan"s through the subtitle "When someone asks you about the Senate." The article (shown below, left) references the ns Am the Senate meme and also received more than 3,400 likes in eight months.

On July 30th, an additional Star Wars Instagram,<3>
starwarsonly, posted another variation, captioning the moment with a conversation in between a woman and also her neighbor, in which the neighbor turns out to it is in a registered sex offender. The write-up (shown below, center) received more than 6,100 likes in six months.

In September 2017, MemeCenter<4> user ice cream posted a variation v the inscription "When the police questioning if you understand the local rapist." The same short article (shown below, right) was later on shared top top the /r/OTMemes<5> sugreddit on December 19th, received much more than 2,100 points (89% upvoted) within 24 hours.





starwarsonly"s article (page unavailable)

<4> MemeCenter – The pressure Is Strong

<5> Reddit – Myself, the boy, 2 droids and also no questions asked

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Welcome come the weekend roundup, wherein the best memes the the weekend space rounded up and examined more closely! This weekend we had actually Tighten Stare, Travis Scott"s concert tragedy and also the anticipated Adult Swim display Come and also Learn through Pibby!

As the movie it s okay closer come release, the number of leaks and also details to emerge from the extremely anticipated movie additionally increase, with the biggest rumor being confirmed in the many recent leak.

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