The moisture we use for installation can remain between the film and windows for up to 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes longer in colder climates. Moisture or condensation comes in the forms of haziness and water bubbles or pockets. They clear up and the moisture simply evaporates. Never try to push around any of these water pockets, for this can create air pockets which don’t go away on their own.

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Always wait about a week to clean the windows after film install. Moisture that gets to the outside edges of freshly installed film can get sucked under the film and create bubbles. Never use a cleaning cloth or pad that is abrasive.

99% of the vehicles that come through are heat shrunk via a prepping process and then installed in one piece on the rear windshields.

My car is equipped with a feature that drops the window slightly when I open the door...will this cause a problem for tinting

No, not at all. We, as well as the majority of tint shops, are well aware of this feature. It has been around for years. We know what to do so that the windows will be tinted in the full up position so that no gap will result when the doors are closed.

Chances are you don’t. This started as a temporary fix that brought tint shops a way to charge more money for unnecessary felt installs. We will inform you if your vehicle needs felt on the moldings, but there is a very simple way to get past the scratching issues that does not cost the customer any additional money.

But what about the heavy, thick section of dot-matrix on my rear windshield? Does it cost extra to remove old film?

LLumar is regarded as the best in the industry, by far! We can provide all the warranty information in person. But for simplicity sake: LLumar’s ATR (metallic) and ATC (non-metallic) both come with a Lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, fading, demetallizing, delaminating, and colour change!

Vehicles vary from one to the next. The average installation time is about an hour. Some factors that may play a part in the time involved are: what kind of vehicle it is; the number of installers working on the vehicle; if there are any unforeseen scenarios that come up, such as a rear deck lid needs to come out; or If old tint removal is involved.

All tint is installed on the inside of the vehicle windows. Sometimes a customer may see prepping being done on the outside. For example: the shrinking of the rear windshield.

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Yes, since all the film is installed on the inside of the windows, the outside of the car being washed (or rained on, for that matter) will not create any problems. Just make sure the inside remains uncleaned for about a week.