Doki Doki literature Club"s Yuri is a complicated character, one with numerous hidden and easy-to-miss details.

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Doki Doki literary works Club has actually quickly come to be one of the finest visual novels ever before released. Despite an outward appearance that an ordinary slice-of-life date sim in between you and four infatuated girls, football player brave enough to delve deeper quickly uncovered that over there was much more to this cute high-school literary works club than an initial meets the eye, together the cute exterior burns far to disclose a movie-like emotional horror game of nightmarish proportions.

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Yuri is the club's an ext mature member, but likewise it's most quiet and shy. Her long purple hair and also violet eyes see her personify the 'shrinking violet' trope, being scared to obtain close come others over a fear of gift disliked or additional isolated from she friends.

As the game progresses, literature club president Monika breaks right into the game's code, rewriting the character script in order come exacerbate the various other girl's an unfavorable qualities. This changes cause Yuri to end up being infatuated through the protagonist come the allude of delusion, transforming her passions for psychological horror and knives against her, and eventually, leading her to her very own destruction; but just who was Yuri?

For long-time players and specialized fans that wish to know more, right here are 10 things you probably missed around the knife-loving, maiden of secret Yuri the very first time around.

TRIGGER WARNING: point out of suicide and also instances the self-harm are discussed in this article.


Doki Doki literary works Club Yuri through book
~ the shocking events of Sayori's deletion indigenous the game, Yuri allows you check out her favorite book 'The Portrait that Markov', a psychological horror story the sees a young girl to escape a human experimentation prison.

When describing the book, Yuri claims that no matter what the girl does she always ends up damaging her relationships and trusting the wrong people – a straight reflection of the way Yuri later on tells you she views herself. Informing Yuri that the book's protagonist reminds friend of she can likewise cause she to end up being defensive, possibly due to the book's foreshadowing that Yuri's covert characteristics and the future events to come.

Doki Doki literature Club Yuri In Classroom
Yuri's gift the larger and an ext refined member the the literary works club offers her an wait of sophistication that the various other members regularly envy. Most notably Natsuki, that resents Yuri's tires appearance end her much more childlike one, and also Yuri's constant mocking of her "simplistic and also childish" creating style.

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It appears Yuri's an ext mature style pertains to blows with more than simply Natsuki though, as Monika states after her deletion the "It's type of funny how Yuri took her tea therefore seriously...I constantly wonder v her...Is it truly enthusiasm for her hobbies, or is she just concerned about appearing innovative to anyone else?".

Doki Doki literary works Club Yuri top top the floor eating chocolate
getting to understand Yuri better, you find out that she always had a are afraid of gift disliked, hardly ever speaking her mind in the fear that being as well passionate could come across as rude. Because of this, she chooses never to engage in conversations that could cause her undesirable attention, instead only stating her desired topics in the safety of the club.

We discover out afterwards from Monika that until you join the club Yuri virtually never spoke, picking to instead read and also eat having lunch alone from everyone else. Thus self-isolation, it's easy to know why at the start she to be the the very least forthcoming member, and also how Monika was later on able to manipulate her code to ruin her.

6 Yandere Or Dandere?

Doki Doki literature Club Yuri Trailer Image
Yuri's embarrassy nature and romantic infatuation lend she to gift a Dandere. However, Monika expose in act 3 the Yuri is "a classic example" of "Yandere". Stating: "She really acquired insanely possessive of you, when she began to open up a little. She even told me I have to kill myself...But thinking about it now, it to be a small ironic." so which is she?

Yandere regularly seem sweet prior to switching into someone that displays a psychotic and also violent fascination v the love interest. The problem with this is that Yuri never violently attacks anyone but herself, uneven Monika, who messes with character files and deletes every the other girls for your attention. Yet perhaps this is precisely what Monika find ironic.

once Monika amplifies the various other girl's negative traits, Yuri starts being condescending and rude to the other club members along with developing an abnormal obsession through the protagonist come the suggest she steals your items and gives them a city stained v her very own blood.

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As Yuri starts this downward spiral right into obsession, she recognizes the something is wrong and also becomes sick v her very own actions. Before her suicide, she additionally questions why Monika has adjusted from "a sweet girl" into a much more manipulative one with a "slimy tongue", mirroring awareness the something isn't right and that Monika appears to be the one to blame.

4 Her book Preferences do Sense

at an early stage players find out that Yuri's understanding in books variety from mental horror to fantasy, mirroring a concealed side to her personality the is explored further afterwards in the game.

Yuri's love of mental horror describes her fascination through 'The Portrait the Markov', and also fantasy her later obsession v the protagonist and also the make-believe life she wants v them. Life in this fantasy ultimately leads to her own demise, wanting them come love her to the point of killing herself v excitement or despair end their eventual acceptance or rejection of her confession.

Yuri's unfortunate suicide is easily one the the most shocking scenes in the game, but also one of its greatest mistakes. This is since the knife the Yuri provides is an simple kitchen blade, a design decision plenty of players questioned as result of the huge collection of velvet the protagonist accidentally uncovered in her bedroom earlier on.

In a Reddit AMA, Dan Salvato later admitted this to be a architecture error, and also that Yuri was constantly meant to have used among her own ornate knives quite than an plain blade.

2 She has actually A Voice (Maybe)

in ~ the end of the game, the fourth-wall-breaking Monika expose she has a voice, performing a self-written track for you, the player, in one of the most spine-chilling moments in gaming come date. What's even an ext surprising though, is the Yuri might have one too.

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During Yuri's death sequence, faint, maniacal laughing have the right to be heard in the background. I beg your pardon begs the question: execute all the girl in Doki Doki literary works Club have actually voices? Or is this Monika laughing in the background at what she's do Yuri execute to herself?

through the literary works club's meetings centering approximately writing and also listening to poetry, girlfriend can uncover yourself finding out a lot through reading between the lines.

At the start of the game on work 3, Yuri performs the city "The Racoon" v a section that reads:

"I offered the raccoon a piece of bread, my subconscious well mindful of the consequences.

Well aware that a raccoon the is fed will always come earlier for more.

The enticing beauty of my cutting knife was the symptom.

The bread, my hungry curiosity.

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The raccoon, one urge."

Although this poem might not seem too weird at first, later on on, players view that it's clearly a an allegory for her self-harm and also obsession through knives, through the raccoon being the advice to hurt herself, and also the bread, her own body.