The "Demands the the Qun" quest is among the hardest choices players have to make in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and also it could teach the next game a lot.

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"Demands of the Qun" is the companion search for Dragon Age: Inquisition"s steel Bull. Like many of the game"s companion quests, it offers players the chance to make some large decisions that affect that story and also their relationship with their companion going forward.

"Demands that the Qun" may not it is in everyone"s most memorable quest (though it need to be), but there space some good reasons that it"s one of Dragon Age: Inquisition"s ideal moral decisions. Ultimately, the pursuit stands out together it really stresses the "human" aspect in so numerous ways.

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The Quest

as soon as Iron Bull contends least 35 approval, the Inquisitor can activate his companion quest. The Ben-Hassrath will reach out to the Inquisition to form an alliance. The Ben-Hassrath room a far-reaching portion the the Qunari priesthood, through agents across Thedas. Despite he pretends to it is in a Tal-Vashoth, stole Bull is in reality an agent of the Ben-Hassrath who was commanded to live as an undercover mercenary in southerly Thedas.

Considering the Qunari Wars and also the poor relationship Par Vollen has actually with Thedas, even Iron Bull is surprised that the Ben-Hassrath are straight contacting the Inquisition for a partnership. If the Inquisitor expresses distrust as well, however, lock will shed approval with the character. Beneath his jovial exterior, it"s clear that Iron Bull"s commitment to the Qun stays strong.

The premise of the search is that the Inquisition and the Ben-Hassrath will certainly be working with each other to intercept a Venatori operation that is smuggling Red Lyrium on behalf of the Tevinter Imperium. To this end, the Qunari send a dreadnought with a 100-man crew. The quest involves one key choice. When the operation goes awry, the player should choose in between saving the resides of iron Bull"s mercenary band, the Bull"s Chargers, or saving the Qunari dreadnought indigenous destruction.

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stole Bull"s character Development

There space a few reasons this is just one of the finest moral selections players are faced with in Inquisition. One the surface ar level, the choice to save the Bull"s Chargers seems more appealing. Iron Bull is the player"s companion, and letting the Charger"s all dice in order for an operation to go along as planned seems choose a classic "bad" BioWare choice.

there are additionally plenty of factors to it is in unsympathetic with the Qunari war device and the Ben-Hassrath. If the player brings Dorian along on the mission, there"s extra dialogue about the war between the Tevinter Imperium and the Qunari. Dorian will discuss the Qunari forcing conversions in the floor they take it over. Stole Bull"s approval will go down if the player agrees with these comments, and also will go up if the player points the end the servant trade in Tevinter.

Nonetheless, there room 100 human being onboard the Qunari ship, while the variety of mercenaries in the Bull"s Chargers is less than half that size. Not just that, yet under steel Bull, the Bull"s Chargers are additionally essentially an expansion of the Ben-Hassrath and also the Qunari battle effort. In ~ this point in the story, the Chargers operate greatly as a front that allows Iron Bull come report details from the south ago to the Qunari in the north.

In numerous BioWare companion quests across the fixed Effect and also Dragon Age franchises, over there is a main point decision which will significantly influence the player"s approval through that companion. Among the key reasons that the crucial decision in "Demands that the Qun" is for this reason well-executed, however, is that no matter whether the player chooses to save the Qunari dreadnought or the Bull"s Chargers, they execute not lose approval indigenous Iron Bull. In fact, either choice results in stole Bull significantly approving.

The search is a fork in the roadway for stole Bull as a character. In ~ the moment of the Inquisitor"s choice, that is equally loyal to both the Bull"s Chargers and also the Ben-Hassrath. He equally approves of one of two people sacrifice, so over there is no easy method for the player to tell which an option was the "right" one in retrospect.

Too regularly in BioWare gamings the right choices feel obvious. In "Demands that the Qun," however, players obtain no simple out. If they sacrifice the dreadnought, they space sacrificing 100 lives and an alliance with the Ben-Hassrath that can be an important to the Inquisition"s success in the future. If castle sacrifice the Chargers, they space letting human being die for the sake of that political alliance.

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The long-term impact of this selection isn"t felt until Inquisition"s final DLC, Trespasser. If the player conserved the Chargers, iron Bull was declared a actual Tal-Vashoth for no protecting the understanding of the Qun over all else. Therefore in Trespasser"s last moments, he will certainly side through the Inquisitor against the Ben-Hassrath who space attempting to use the Eluvians for "Dragon"s Breath" - a arrangement to assassinate much of the management of southern Thedas. If the player saved the dreadnought, stole Bull never drops out with the Ben-Hassrath. He betrays the Inquisitor and also must be killed.

as soon as the main choice in "Demands the the Qun" has to be made, there"s no evident moral option, and also in the aftermath of the Inquisitor"s choice, the video game reassures castle of iron Bull"s approval regardless. Countless BioWare gamings in the previous reward choosing good. Players deserve to rest relatively reassured throughout most the Mass Effect that a example Shepard"s great deeds will bring about the best outcomes, because that example. "Demands the the Qun" severs principles from after-effects entirely. The initial choice is ethically murky. The eventual consequences of the decision space unforeseeable, but likewise make complete sense considering the personality of stole Bull.

when BioWare is crafting its large decisions in Dragon period 4 4 it needs to do what "Demands that the Qun" does so well, and reflect realistic consequences that room unrelated to morality entirely. Morality should it is in something players are involved about, but the after-effects of decisions must not be identified by your morality. Simply as in real life, "good" decision should be able to have terrible consequences, and also "evil" decision should have the potential to command to higher goods. Just then can players truly uncover themselves engaging v these dilemmas in-character as instead the on a meta level, immersing castle in more realistic, dynamic stories.