Of all the decisions players need to make in Dragon Age: Inquisition, among them will almost certainly have actually long-reaching impacts in Dragon age 4.

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Dragon period 4 Inquisition
The Dragon Age series is fill with difficult decisions, and those choices often have consequences - both because that the rest of the game and also beyond into future installments. With Dragon period 4 in production, it"s time come think around which previous in-game decisions will have actually the biggest affect on DA4"s story.

Realistically, an ext than one decision from the previous Dragon Age games will certainly come ago to haunt players come Dragon period 4. However, there"s one details decision from Dragon Age: Inquisition that, based upon what we recognize of Dragon period 4"s story therefore far, appears most likely to have a large impact.

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below Lies The Abyss

Everyone who played Inquisition most likely remembers "Here Lies the Abyss" fairly well: it"s the pursuit that take it the Inquisitor, their army, Hawke, and also a Grey Warden ally to Adamant fortress in the western Approach. The Inquisition laid siege to the Grey Wardens holed increase there, as they had begun to hear the phone call (unbeknownst come them, in ~ the interference the Corypheus) and also in desperation, they started to summon demons and also bind castle in a disastrous attempt to finish the Blights because that good.

Players experienced the aftermath of this in one earlier Inquisition quest: if enabled to complete their summonings, the Grey Wardens would certainly be required to carry their demon army down upon Orlais in a tide of devastation that would leave the whole civilization vulnerable to Corypheus" plans. Thus, "Here Lies the Abyss" complies with the Inquisitor"s mission to stop the Grey Wardens from bringing their plans to fruition.

at the end of the quest, football player are confronted with among the an ext potentially devastating choices in the game: the selection to sacrifice either Hawke or the Grey Warden allied to a Nightmare demon in the Fade, so the the rest of the characters can escape. Now, to some people, this was straightforward choice. The Grey Warden ally varies based upon decisions do in Dragon Age: Origins; it can be one of two people a male named Stroud, Loghain Mac Tir, or Alistair.

Seeing as players don"t really get a most time to gain to recognize Stroud (at least compared to Hawke, the player personality of Dragon age 2), players may have found it easy to sacrifice Stroud and also save Hawke. Various other players might have had a harder time if confronted with the decision of saving, say, one of two people Alistair or Hawke. Regardless of who the Grey Warden allied is, or which personality was at some point sacrificed, the is this decision the seems extremely likely to behind its head in Dragon age 4.

an option 1: sacrificing the Grey Warden

dragon age
sacrifice the Grey Warden will have actually likely have actually a profound impact on the order. By the time Dragon age 4 will begin, the Grey Wardens together an organization will have actually been with the wringer. They to be the main heroes of Origins, however went through a significant fall indigenous grace as result of their plot in Inquisition. Relying on the player"s choice, they can either be recruited right into helping the Inquisition come atone for their reckless actions at Adamant, or exiled from Orlais completely.

by the end of Inquisition, no matter what the player"s decision about the Wardens" presence in Orlais, there"s a major constant in the organization"s epilogue: your numbers have been severely lessened by the damage currently done from your blood pact with demons, and also ultimately, a schism develops within the order, bring about some type of civil war in between Grey Wardens. Not just that, however Weisshaupt, the Grey Wardens" base, goes completely silent. Whether the reason for that silence is the civil battle or some various other sort of sinister interference remains to be seen, but the truth remains the the Grey Wardens space a reduced order and also in a relatively awkward point out following Inquisition.

Essentially, the Grey Wardens may be specifically susceptible to manipulation in Dragon period 4. We know that Solas is trying to tear down the Veil, and also that Dragon period 4 will continue that storyline (likely together the main plot). Can tearing under the Veil have results for the Grey Wardens, too? The darkspawn and their taint originated from the Fade and also the Abyss, therefore it"s totally possible. It"s also established that through the death of Warden-Commander Clarel in Inquisition, the Wardens external of Weisshaupt have actually no senior Warden come take control of the situation, unless the Inquisitor"s Grey Warden allied survives.

Thus, sacrifice the Grey Warden ally might mean that, whatever form the Wardens take it in Dragon period 4, they"ll be much more confused, leaderless, and also vulnerable than they"ve ever before been.

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Hawke and also carver
sacrificing Hawke hurts, as countless players may feel closer come them than, say, Stroud or Loghain. Hawke, as the protagonist of Dragon period 2, is near and also dear to countless players" hearts, so sacrificing them is never ever going to be fun. Then, there"s the influence on Dragon period 4 to consider.

If any of the previous Dragon Age protagonists is walking to make a cameo in Dragon age 4, it appears most likely that it"ll it is in the Inquisitor from Inquisition. However, that"s not to say that Hawke (if lock survive) couldn"t make a cameo, or even be pointed out as having an influence elsewhere. And also if any type of of Hawke"s previous companions return for DA4, the reality that their former leader and also friend is more than likely dead is walk to it is in demoralizing. Plus, the seems like the various other protagonists will certainly play some part in the future of the Dragon Age series: the Inquisitor is searching for Solas, the Warden is trying to find a cure come the Calling, so what is hawk doing? Moreover, what isn"t Hawke law if they"re killed in Inquisition?

for the most part, the seems prefer sacrificing Hawke way they won"t be able to aid at all later on struggles the Thedas is guaranteed to endure. Yet it"s likewise likely the there room other, an ext specific difficulties that"ll arise native Hawke"s death that we just don"t know about yet. Hopefully, the relax of Dragon period 4 will certainly fill in the blanks surrounding both the Wardens" and also Hawke"s fate beyond Dragon Age: Inquisition. Till then, we"ll just have to cross our fingers, wait, and see.