Dragon sphere Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Also recognized as: Dragon sphere Z Sparking! Meteor (JP)Developer: SpikePublishers: Atari, SA (US/EU), Bandai Namco (JP)Platforms: playstation 2, WiiReleased in JP: October 4, 2007Released in US: November 13, 2007 (PS2), December 3, 2007 (Wii)Released in EU: November 9, 2007 (PS2), February 15, 2008 (Wii)Released in AU: November 23, 2007

This game has unused items.

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This video game has unused abilities.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has regional differences.

This game has a prototype article

To do:Regional Differences:Compare music in between Japanese and also western versions.Compare language choose screen in between European and also American releases of the game.See if there"s any leftovers from the first 2 Budokai Tenkaichi games that"s unused, if any.Check if over there are any kind of leftover icons from the Wii version.Look because that unused strings the code.Differences in between PS2 and Wii versions.

Dragon round Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is the third installment that the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Choose its predecessor, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 essentially touches top top all collection installments of the Dragon sphere franchise. The game also features Arale Norimaki, one of Akira Toriyama"s characters from the collection Dr. Slump.


2 Unused Skills7 SDK Leftovers


Prototype Info

Unused Skills

To do:Provide GIFs because that the other Unused Skills.

Skills are handled through a global ID in the game, definition all characters can be forced to perform a certain type of Skill, whether it"d it is in a Rushing Technique, a Signature Technique, a Special attack or just about any combo.

To activate a specific Skill, either edit the complying with memory deal with (0x0187100C, just works because that the NTSC playstations 2 version of the game) or use the cheat code below.

Press L3 to Activate SkillD033381C 0000FFFD2187100C ????????Please note that the code is rather unstable, together it doesn"t collection a cooldown for the L3 button. Since of this, the Skill deserve to be activated number of times in a row, even during cutscenes (skippable or not), a attribute which wasn"t to plan by the video game developers.

Instantaneous Blast 2"s

Skill ID"s: 00000109 and 0000010A



Instantaneous Blast 2"s are current in the video game as a an outcome of two unused skill ID"s. The very first Skill i would will force the video game to pat an instantaneous variation of Player 1"s 1st Blast 2, while the 2nd one will pressure the game to beat an instantaneous variation of Player 1"s second Blast 2 instead.

Flurry the Hits

Skill ID: 00000045


This appears to be regarded an unused Rush strike sequence. This does much more damage than normal Rush Attacks and also will push ago the enemy. Once the animation starts, friend cannot protect against it till it"s finished. It"s likewise faster than continual Rush Attacks.

Ultimate Blast Cutscene Skip

Skill ID"s: 00000108 and also 00000117

The an initial Skill identifier will force the video game to beat the ultimate Blast"s second charging succession first, climate fire the attack like normal, therefore skipping the first charging sequence.On the various other hand, the second Skill i would will pressure the game to skip both charging sequences, i beg your pardon will cause the can be fried Blast to it is in fired instantly and also do far less damages than normal.

Energy Storm

Skill ID: 00000095

While not unused for some characters, all personalities in the game have voiced dialogue for this strike regardless if they deserve to use that or not.

(Source: Punk7890)

Unused Audio Files

This paper is provided as "Progres(32623).adx" using AFSExplorer.

Unused Z-Items

Believe the or not, there room unused Z-Items in the game, countless of which space placeholders. Essentially, these placeholder Z-Items don"t have any type of attributes of their own, and also if anything, they"re lacking appropriate names and also descriptions, together the default names/descriptions because that each placeholder Z-item are collection to "0".

However, there is one skill Z-Item that was virtually finished, only for the to it is in left in the dust.

Its surname is "Heavy Pressure", and also the matching stats space as described below.

Type: skill TypePrice: 4000 Z-PointsCost: 1 slotRating: 2 starsCan only be fitted by evil charactersDescription:

Takes much longer for opponent to recoup whenrendered unconscious.This Z-Item can not be bought, unlocked or also equipped. Luckily, modding begs come differ, together it has come a lengthy way.

All it takes is one byte to make the heavy Pressure Z-Item equippable, or any other unused Z-Item for that matter.When modified correctly, this Z-Item will currently be unlocked, there is no the need of buying that yourself.

"But the can"t perhaps be all that"s left to say around unused Z-Items," you might say.

And you"d be right, due to the fact that it turns out that some Z-Items (whether they"d it is in unlockable or unequippable) have actually their very own unused prices.

Z-Item noun (from the very least expensive to many expensive)
1st collection of Placeholder Z-Items1000 Z-Points
2nd & 3rd set of Placeholder Z-Items4000 Z-Points
Broly"s Ring4000 Z-Points
Perfect Guard5000 Z-Points
Eternal Life7000 Z-Points
#18"s Kiss8000 Z-Points
#17"s Kiss8000 Z-Points
Medical Machine8000 Z-Points
Water Blessing11000 Z-Points
Miracle Master12000 Z-Points
Halo14000 Z-Points
Demon Seal14000 Z-Points
Style the the Strong14000 Z-Points
Power Body14000 Z-Points
Every Red Z-Item20000 Z-Points
4th set of Placeholder Z-Items20000 Z-Points
Combo Master21000 Z-Points
Quick Charge21000 Z-Points
Aura fee Ultimate21000 Z-Points
Aura fee Ultimate 321000 Z-Points
Aura charge Ultimate 421000 Z-Points
Miracle Sparking23000 Z-Points
Draconic Aura23000 Z-Points
Ultimate Body25000 Z-Points

In addition, over there is a hidden kind of Z-Items in the game. Over there is no "official" name for it, but based upon its display screen image the a Red Potara earring, it"s often dubbed as the "Red Potara" or "Red Z-Item" form by the DBZBT3 community.For the many part, these Z-Items space only offered throughout Dragon background and can be fried Battle, but a couple of of them (e.g. Supervisor Mode, Limitbreaker, Inherited power etc.) to be left unused.

Regardless, all of these Red Z-Items are finish and totally functional, therefore they have to work in every mode through the use of Cheat Engine (with the expection the the Attack±X and Defense±X Z-Items, together they were just intended to job-related for sim Dragon).

Here room the general stats that every Red Z-Item. The Plus/Minus effects may vary, for this reason they"re not listed.

Type: Red Z-ItemPrice: 20000 Z-PointsCost: 1 slotCan only be equipped by evil charactersCannot it is in unlocked, purchase in the item Shop or equipped by any method (unless hex editing or Cheat Engine is involved)Rating: 4 stars
(Source: ViveTheModder & Smbfun5231)

Unused personality Costumes

In the game"s key files, every character has 8 costume files: 4 because that the key costumes, and also 4 because that the battle-damaged costumes. Due to the fact that only a couple of characters have more than 2 costumes (e.g. Grasp Roshi, Android #18, krillin etc.), many of these records are empty and also go unused.

Unused Missions

There"s one extra 7 pages of covert Missions. That"s 35 extra objectives if you counting the blank title Mission ~ above the very final web page (page 27).

Some of these missions are playable while others will cause the video game to crash if selected. Component of the location within the Data save where your ideal records because that Survival setting are preserved is additionally utilized by missions #101 thru #103. So setup records top top those missions will instantly edit her Survival setting records and also vice versa.

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You cannot accessibility these objectives without some type of cheats/hacks. A gecko password to unlock them can be found here.