The Dragon Quest collection has a long-running joke around beautiful female personalities offering "puff-puff," frequently with sex-related connotations.

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Dragon pursuit VIII Puff-Puff Cover
The Dragon Quest series has included a most comedy and innuendos in its dialogue, i m sorry is only magnified by the exaggeration British accents of watch every character with a voice actor. The collection has its darker moments, yet there space enough negative puns come make even the most stone-hearted that gamers cracked a smile.

among the recurring elements of the Dragon Quest series is the "Puff-Puff", i beg your pardon is something the is available to the party by beautiful ladies of ill-repute, and also being an action that female adventurers can use come beguile adversary monsters right into inaction, which tends to involve posing with their chest thrust forward.

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The Puff-Puff scene have become one that the most well known recurring joke in the Dragon Quest series and also long-running fans of the franchise are always interested in seeing how the latest gamings will analyze the gag. Civilization who are new to the Dragon Quest series could not be mindful of what a Puff-Puff is and might be left mystified by the scene from the older games that are minimal to sprites. The time has come to unveil the secret of the Puff-Puff and also how that has become one the the longest-running jokes in gaming history.

What Is A Puff-Puff?

Bulma Jade hare Outfit via.DragonBallFandom/RPGsite
The enhancement of the Puff-Puffs come the Dragon Quest series is likely one that Akira Toriyama"s contributions to the franchise. Akira Toriyama has actually been a personality designer on the series since its creation and aspects that appeared in his Dragon Ball manga would additionally make their way into Dragon Quest, such together the bunny girl outfits that have actually made their means into nearly every game.

The first person to offer a "Puff-Puff" was Oolong from Dragon Ball, who to be shapeshifting as Bulma once he available one to master Roshi. A Puff-Puff is basically the act of a mrs massaging an additional person"s confront with her breasts, though the true nature of the action is only ever hinted in ~ in Dragon Quest. 

Jessica Dragon quest VIII via.IGN
over there were characters offering Puff-Puffs to the heroes the the Dragon Quest series dating all the method back to the an initial game, however these to be censored external of Japan because that a lengthy time. The Puff-Puff scene were commonly changed, with the exception of Dragon quest IV for the Nintendo entertain System, which had a woman offering "Pufpuf" therapy, yet that had no sex-related connotations. Dragon quest VI: worlds of Reverie for the Nintendo DS changed the Puff-Puff scene right into a assembly session, which renders sense, as the occasion increases the player"s layout stat.


The False Puff-Puffs

The majority of the Puff-Puffs in the Dragon Quest series space usually no what the player expects, which has become a running joke. Dragon search VIII: journey of the Cursed King has a scene wherein a woman provides to provide a blindfolded Puff-Puff, i m sorry is actually a scam, together she"s simply rubbing 2 Slime monsters against the character"s face.

The Puff-Puff step in Dragon quest IX: Sentinels that the Starry Sky involves a woman rubbing the player character"s face between the rears of two sheep. A girl offers to provide the hero of Dragon pursuit III: seed of Salvation a Puff-Puff, only for that to rotate out to be a massage from her father. Dragon search XI: Echoes of one Elusive Age includes a Puff-Puff scene where the Luminary is tricked into going bungee jumping. The Dragon Quest games tend to play up the Puff-Puff as something kinky, only to pull the rug the end from under the player at the last moment, which is why it has become a famous joke amongst the fans.

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