The small Lifeguards will start Saturday, June 26 (9am) in ~ Kirk Park Beach.

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Beach conditions will determine whether the small Lifeguard routine will finish up relocating to Ditch levels Beach indigenous Kirk Park beach in future weeks.

The Nipper guards will begin Monday, June 28 (9am) at eastern Lake (Gin) Beach.

Job Opportunities– The TOEH Recreation department is currently accepting job applications for…

Recreation Aides for the spring and summer of 2021 to occupational at the Amagansett Youth Park and the Montauk ice scating Park. Duties would include looking end the park making certain that every rules are being followed, maintaining the park clean, making certain that everyone is safe, and also having a good time! ($15 every hour)Applications to be a TOEH Lifeguard are likewise being welcomed at this time.

Job Application

Our main office is situated at the back of the city Hall complex, behind the Court Building. Look because that the white structure that claims "Parks and Recreation." If you are having actually trouble getting answers, please perform not hesitate to contact us, and also we will certainly be happy to aid you...

Map that Beaches and Parking

If girlfriend would choose to receive details via message or email, please sign up withNotify Meand choose "Recreation" under "Calendar" category to get the many recent Recreation Program information throughout the year.

*Due to the recurring uncertainty the the COVID-19 pandemic, the Recreation department is offering appropriately modified, programs and clinics. Every offerings are administered follow to the NY State "Sports and also Programming Guidelines". A recreation programming action plan was reviewed by the city Council and implemented through the Town’s Recreation Department through public safety as a cornerstone come the go back to the field, and also has been constantly monitored since its development.

Please adhere come the posted indications which encourage social distancing in ~ the parks and also beaches.

The Recreation department will continue to article any brand-new updates or changes to this modified measures here on the town's website. We hope that everyone is staying safe and also healthy by practicing society distancing, wearing masks if unvaccinated, and also washing hand frequently.

Pantigo Ballfield Relocation come Stephen hand Path

Members that the little League Ballfield Committee continue discussions through the town of east Hampton regarding the relocation of the tiny League Ballfield indigenous 400 Pantigo, to Stephen hand Path. The relocation that the ballfield comes from the regional community’s desire to have actually a Free-Standing Emergency Department and also imaging and diagnostic facility in a centrally situated area. Over the previous two years, committee members have actually been working to identify and also evaluate potential website for building of the new Ball Field. Critical fall, the Committee recommended to the city Board the the ball areas be relocated to 110 Stephen hands Path, Wainscott. The referral met through unanimous support of the city Board.

For more information concerning details that the project, click the links below:

Little league Ballfield Relocation 2019

Little league Ballfield place 2020

General Information around Our Department

Given the size and also scope the the city of eastern Hampton’s holdings, expanding accessible opportunities at our framework is one evolving and ongoing project. We likewise strongly recommend the you contact our officein advancement of your visit to understand what you have the right to expect and how ideal to make your suffer positive. If you call for an accommodation, we welcome friend to call theRecreationDepartmentat least two functioning days before your visit.


Mission Statement

The Recreation Department, in conjunction through the Buildings and Grounds Department, oversees and also maintains roughly 45 parks and also beaches, and the Montauk Playhouse. Recreation programs are available year-round, and they are given not just at town operated facilities, parks, and beaches, but also at all east Hampton Public school locations. Making use of the public school facilities and also fields permits the department to much better enhance recreation routine and activity options, as well as bringing the community closer together.


In addition to full time staff, the Recreation room employs roughly 170 component time location throughout the year, and works very closely with the eastern Hampton Town’s Buildings and also Grounds Department. Staff is generally shared in between departments in order come maximize the potential service opportunities for the eastern Hampton town community, and also to further the effectiveness of the east Hampton Town’s workforce. Employee are shared with Buildings and also Grounds Department for facilities and also parks maintain needs.

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The Recreation Department also works through the Montauk room of business in bespeak to promote recreational alternatives for the community, and also the Montauk chamber of commerce offers us the usage of their building every year because that the yearly Turkey Trot or “Run because that Fun” each Thanksgiving. The Recreation Department likewise schedules recreational program in associate with other organizations and agencies such as the local libraries, Montauk Youth, regional school programs, and private sectors programs.