The pilot of this animated collection about a trio of boys who all re-superstructure the same name and also their various attempts to cheat money indigenous the neighborhood kids in your cul-de-sac.The an initial short, "The Ed-Touchables," starts when Eddy come at Edd"s home in the middle of Edd labeling every thing in his room. Edd is distressed to learn that his magnifying glass is missing, and believes the is has actually been stolen. They head over to Ed"s house and also find that his little sister sarah is also missing her doll. Eddy believes the someone is steal items throughout the cul-de-sac and also makes an notice to the remainder of the neighborhood youngsters that he, Ed, and also Edd have the right to solve the secret for a fee. They decide to set a trap which is at some point triggered by Jonny and Plank. Castle apprehend them and confine them in one improvised crime lab, where Edd has built an digital lie detector. Eddy interrogates the two, and also eventually it s okay Jonny to confess come the thefts ~ "torturing" Plank. They punishment Jonny by roll him about the street in a tire. However, sarah arrives and also reveals that she discovered her doll on her own, and Edd notes that he likewise located his magnifying glass, hence proving Jonny innocent. Eddy to escape so that he and also the various other Eds can use their newfound money to purchase jawbreakers. However, buy it gets revenge by rolling Jonny right into the Eds, leading to them to lose their jawbreakers.In the second short, "Nagged to Ed," Edd leads Eddy and Ed right into the woods to record insects, however things walk awry as soon as Ed manages to obtain himself stuck in a gigantic spider web. The Eds panic once they hear secret voices from the brush reportedly calling your names, and also frantically pull Ed indigenous the webbing. They shot to flee however eyes it seems to be ~ to monitor them everywhere until they gain themselves grounding in quicksand and also fall unconscious. They awaken in a mobile residence in the middle of the surrounding trailer park wearing nothing but bathrobes. Quickly they find they room in the clutches that the Kanker sisters, May, Marie, and also Lee, that are brand-new in town. Edd i do not care uncomfortable with their amorous advances, yet Eddy decides come stay and also enjoy your hospitality because that a while. While exploring the cell phone home, the Eds discern from illustrations on the wall surface that the Kankers are currently aware of their identities and that every one has actually a like on one of them: might on Ed, Marie top top Edd, and Lee top top Eddy. This distresses the Eds somewhat, however their fears space forgotten when the Kankers offer them dinner. However, the Kankers quickly come to be frustrated with the Eds" lack of appreciation, and also in retaliation force them to do their housework. Eddy becomes upset at the Kankers, look at hurting your feelings. Quickly they frighten the Eds right into fleeing the trailer park, back they space still infatuated through them. Advertising deleted.


NETWORK: Cartoon Network DATE: January 4, 1999 8:00 afternoon RUNNING TIME: 0:30:00 COLOR/B&W: shade CATALOG ID: B:60005 GENRE: animation SUBJECT HEADING: computer animation SERIES RUN: Cartoon Network - TV series, 1999-2009 COMMERCIALS:


Danny Antonucci … executive, management Producer, Director, developed by, Writer Linda Simensky … executive Producer Khaki Jones … executive Producer invoice Schultz … Supervising Producer Samantha Daley … Producer Christine L. Danzo … line Producer terrycloth Klassen … Voice manager Jono Howard … Writer Mike Kubat … Writer Patric Caird … Music by for "The Ed-Touchables" Matt Hill … Voice, Ed Samuel Vincent … Voice, Edd Tony Sampson … Voice, Eddy Keenan Christensen … Voice, Jimmy Janyse Jaud … Voice, sarah Buck (See also: David-Paul Grove) … Voice, Jonny kathleen Barr … Voice, Kevin Peter Kelamis … Voice, Rolf Tabitha St. Germain … Voice, Nazz because that "Nagged come Ed" Matt Hill … Voice, Ed Samuel Vincent … Voice, Edd Tony Sampson … Voice, Eddy Janyse Jaud … Voice, Lee Kanker kathleen Barr … Voice, Marie Kanker Erin Fitzgerald … Voice, may Kanker continue searching the collection ➾

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