Do I need a Residential Burn Permit?

If you setup to burn vegetative debris on her property, girlfriend will need to attain a burn permit. Burn patent are available online at Please keep in mind burn permits are no much longer issued in person in ~ our fire stations.

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If you room burning product in a pile greater in size than 4 feet x 4 feet, friend MUST achieve a Burn permit from El Dorado ar Air Quality administration District (AQMD):

El Dorado ar Air Quality administration District330 same LanePlacerville, CA 95667(530) 621-6662

When can I burn?

All burning have to take location on a designated Burn Day. Please speak to (530) 621-5897 or toll totally free (866) 621-5897 immediately prior come igniting your pile because that Burn job status. You can likewise check the waiting Quality regulate website because that burn work status.

What material have the right to I legally burn?

Residential burning is limited to tree trimmings, vines, brush, leaves, lawn clippings and also dry plants collected from the residential property on which you space burning.

DO no BURN stumps or poison oak.

What is ILLEGAL come burn?

Household garbage such together paper, junk mail, cardboard, cans, glass, furniture, plastics, rubber, tires, tar paper, asphalt shingles, dimensioned lumber, cure lumber, insulation, caulking tubes, paints or coatings, steel wire, or other various construction and also demolition debris, are several of the products that room illegal come burn. These items produce toxic pollutants the may reason cancer, immune device damage, and other health and wellness problems.


How must I burn mine material?

Prior to burning, vegetative product must it is in dry and reasonably cost-free of dirt. Burn piles have to be constructed in together a method as to allow fresh air intake to promote much more efficient burning for diminished smoke generation. *Only material that will certainly burn in 24 hours deserve to be ignited. If your pile is wet, let that dry because that a few days before burning. Avoid leading to a acting nuisance for your neighbors.


The complying with are burning allow terms because that burning debris in tiny 4"x 4" pile:

Maximum pile dimension 4 foot in diameter.Area within 10 feet that the external edge of pile is maintained free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation.Responsible human in attendance with shovel until fire is dead out.Water supply at burning site.No burning shall it is in undertaken unless weather problems (particularly wind) are such the burning have the right to be considered safe.Additional terms and conditions.


(PUBLIC sources CODE 4421, 4422, 4423 and also 4425)

Health & safety Code 13009 says that persons who lose control of a permitted burn may be liable because that suppression costs.

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If you have any type of questions around backyard burning, please speak to the community Risk palliation teamat (916) 933-6623.