If at times my comment seem annoying or offensive, at least think about the opportunity that ns am really simply being playful. 

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This interactive narrative purloins the (translated) location from the debut book of short stories released by the incomparable Argentine fabbro Jorge louis Borges, a giant of human being literature that lamentably was never ever accorded the Nobel Prize, return a finalist for the coveted award numerous times. (He did receive the Prix Mondial Cino del Duca, i m sorry carries leg resonance because that us.) Within our own fictive kingdom it is likewise an exceedingly apposite surname for the type of mini-opus frequently known as a leg Movie, wherein a deal unfolds one difficulty at a time and readers are obliged to do multiple decisions along the pathway -- periodically these involve both bidding and also then play/defense together well, however in this instance only a collection of bidding problems will it is in presented.

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In maintaining with the venerable officially traditions of the bridge Movie, the message proceeds in a second-person style, inserting the reader directly into the action. This unrelenting use of "you" could require some emotional adjustment beginning from the second decision onward, because readers might not grant of an alternative that gets foisted top top them, having actually gone in a various direction at the preceding time than the one now summarily imposed. Please strive to resist resentment/rage/rebellion at any kind of such vagaries and also vicissitudes, bearing in mind the they room inevitable after-effects of the foundational conceits the this cinematic form, and also resolutely give the following query as objective an appraisal as you deserve to heroically muster in the irksomely unwelcome circumstances.

The opened allusion come the illusionist the Buenos Aires is thematically fitting here, due to the fact that you are playing top top BBO in the very very first round of a 6-day transnational mixed Teams, billed together a south American Championship and organized/hosted by the zonal govenring body. The layout is number of days of Swiss qualification (Borges additionally lived numerous years in Geneva, BTW, and also later Lugano), entailing three matches every day of 14 boards, after i beg your pardon the optimal eight teams will challenge the culminative KO step of the event. One action at a time though, and now at last comes her flagfall. Keep in mind that you will certainly be playing a vanilla 2/1 GF system.

Early ~ above in the very very first match you organize the adhering to hand, in 3rd seat in ~ favorable vulnerability: 97 976543 AKJ74 --

After partner opens 1C as dealer, RHO overcalls 1S.

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As this first decision you challenge on the transaction may actors a long and also fateful shadow on the succeeding auction, you naturally accord it perfect reflection.

What contact do girlfriend make? (As one aside, would certainly you provide a different answer if playing Negative free Bids?)

You might well have chosen 2H -- what the hand lacks in HCP vis-a-vis the canonical 10+ threshold, it more than provides up for in play strength. Precisely due to the fact that you execute not have so many points, LHO will frequently hold sufficient to bid miscellaneous -- if so that is perhaps most likely to it is in a spade raise, which would certainly lend substantial urgency to the task of mirroring both her suits in ~ a hopefully convenient level and in suitable length perspective. Certainly as six-card suits go this one is virtually as threadbare together it gets, but the totally free bid only guarantees five of them for this reason your extra map in the fit is a moderate compensation because that the conspicuous absence of honors. Moreover if lock do finish up outbidding girlfriend in spades you will be the one on lead, therefore you carry out not need to worry about a damaging heart lead from partner. (As because that the next issue, i beg your pardon is of course moot in the actual table context, more than likely 2H is same to be desired -- in the lack of further special agreements -- even if the is a Negative complimentary Bid. The auction seems quite unlikely to end abruptly after one round of bidding.) 

If you certainly bid 2H, you room to be congratulated on wonderful selection. That accolade, however, will have to suffice in this circumstances as your just reward, because the player at the table in reality opted instead for a an unfavorable Double. Maybe this pipeline you completely undismayed -- e.g. Due to the fact that you deserve to live through it, or you thought the decision was fairly close, or you even picked that call yourself. Alternatively you are probably experiencing acid reflux, in which situation you already get the chance to demonstrate the classic kind of bridge Movie fortitude that takes come absorb a sling or arrow, hang tough, and also move on to the next forking decision. WIN-WIN no After all, if among those tiny hearts had been a club you more than likely WOULD have doubled, so simply pretend the you mis-sorted. 

After a happen by the non-Advancer (indeed the foes will certainly be remaining silent because that the duration of the auction), partner produces a cue-bid of 2S (GF). Now what?

Well, that inquiry is hardly the stuff that cliff-hanging page-turners are made of, therefore if still necessary your feathers will certainly doubtless be somewhat de-ruffled through the tidings that the speak to now made in ~ the table was an eminently predictable 3H. End this rebid, companion sends the tray ago with the 4C placard in it. 

What execute you carry out next? 

As with your an initial brain-teaser, this looks choose a right binary an option -- repeat her suit, or bid diamonds?

Before committing, the anterior question must be handle of what partner might have because that a cuebid. The simple -- though admittedly faint -- price is: "Any really good hand that might not explain itself in any type of other way". The main variants would show up to be:

(a) powerful one-suiter: might be looking come play in NT, or alternatively really suit-oriented (possibly with an additional diamonds e.g. 74/64)

(b) huge balanced hand v Prev. Page following Page

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