Elmo and also friends both old and brand-new enjoy the fresh and wide-open spaces in this children\"s production, which it s okay a systematized release on DVD. Sesame Street: Elmo\"s world -- The an excellent Outdoors has been transferred to key in its original full-frame facet ratio of 1.33:1, and also the audio has actually been master in Dolby Digital Stereo. The disc itself features no additional bonus material, however initial pressings do include an additional audio CD, which features three songs from the show.

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Elmo answer the contact of The good Outdoors in three 15-minute interaction \"Elmo\"s World\" segments initially broadcast on Sesame Street. Puppetry, live-action footage, animation, and inspired clowning through the brothers Noodle (Michael Jeter and Bill Irwin) integrate to introduce viewers come wild animals, fish, and also the weather. Elmo is, as ever, his cheerful and enthusiastic self, acting together the viewer\"s surrogate by asking an easy questions, encouraging imaginative pat (onscreen kids pretend to be a range of your favorite animals), and nurturing counting skills. Elmo fans will be wild about this specifically repeatable collection.

Ken DiegoDirector
Jim MartinDirector
Ted MayDirector
Victor Di NapoliDirector
Kevin ClashExecutive Producer
Melissa DinoProducer
Annie EvansScreenwriter