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Conspiracy theorists case that there room codes in the bible that imply the Rapture will begin on April 18, 2018.

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Conspiracy theorists have sparked new frenzy v a concept that alleges the rapture and 2nd coming the Jesus Christ is scheduled for April 18, 2018. However, others say that the day is on April 23! Nevertheless, us don’t have to wait as well long prior to the an alleged end the the world. But before you begin preparing for the April 18, 2018 rapture, is right here to collection the facts directly for you.

Is April 18 the job of the Rapture?

because March 2018, approximately the time cosmologist Stephen Hawking passed, the Internet has actually been awash with finish of the civilization theories. Together theories have actually cropped up several times, but they never fail to produce panic.

However, recent conspiracy theory allege the finish of the world is coming on April 18, 2018.


One such concept originates indigenous a purported voicemail the Twitter users have been receiving. The voicemail boasts a strange robot-like voice claiming that aliens will invade earth on April 18.

Another theory that has actually been make its rounds for months originates indigenous the Bible. Some religious conspiracy theorists have claimed that there are codes in the scriptures alleging the the world will finish on April 18 or 23 once decoded.

Finally, some good news. I have actually absolutely no plans that day.

Conspiracy theorists insurance claim biblical Rapture is comes April 23 via

— mark thompson (
MarkTLive) April 12, 2018



These doomsday prophets used a mix of covert numerical codes in holy bible verses and astronomical constellations. They took to YouTube to write-up chilling doomsday videos and evangelical web page to fancy the theory.

Most of this theories describe a i in the publication of Revelation in the Bible.

Verse 12:1–2 reads, “And a an excellent sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, v the moon under her feet, and also on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant and also was crying out in bear pains and the agony of giving birth.”


I assumed it was April 18. Or was it the day prior to the job after the day two days from currently but prior to the fifth day that the week and after midnight the the job after tomorrow? ? #Conspiracies #Rapture

— Mysteriocity (
mysteriocity) April 12, 2018


The woman mentioned in this verse is thought to be the constellation that Virgo. Specific numerologists and also astronomers stated that sun and also the moon will certainly be in Virgo, along with Jupiter. Jupiter, in this case, describes the Messiah or Christ.

This huge phenomenon apparently happens once in every 12 years. However these thinkers allege another simultaneous astronomical occurrence make this event “the rapture”.

Some numerologists speak this will take place on April 23 while other variations case it will certainly be April 18.

Christian doomsayers have punctuated this case with a contact to “repent.” The thinkers have given a laundry perform of points one should do if they want to “go up in the an excellent rapture.”

Big occasions this coming april

April 16 – Mom's homeApril 20 – GraduationApril 21 – PinningApril 25 – Infinity War

April 18 – end of the world

— Dave Fucking Orat (
ShogunFatass) April 12, 2018

Just another Theory

The web can’t forget another famous doomsday theory propagated by Christian conspiracy theorist, David Meade. He claimed that the civilization would end in September 2017, but readjusted the date several times. Follow to Meade’s theory, the people will finish when Nibiru or world X collides v Earth. Yet NASA has repeatedly debunked this theory.

We have an annual event annually that takes place at various times. It’s dubbed “The finish of the World”. Last year, we celebrated it on September 23 yet this year, we’re celebrating it on April 18.

— GandalfPotter (
lorenz_miel) April 8, 2018

Before you mark your calendars because that the day of reckoning this month, it’s precious noting that the an alleged “end the the world” has actually come and gone countless times —and we’re still here. A lot of of civilization have a macabre fascination through doomsday theories, i m sorry would define why they have got traction in current weeks.

In one article, listed chemist Jonathan Sarfati claimed that the huge occurrences because that this April 18 conspiracy theory already happened 4 times end the last millennium. If it was a rarely phenomenon together the theory suggests, the rapture happened 4 times in the past.

Dude if the people actually ends on April 18 i’ll be warm pissed since I have a 2000 word file due that day and also if i waste the last week of mine life composing it I. Will. Rage.

— Gretchen Palmer (
gretchen_palmer) march 27, 2018

“As usual with any type of astrology (or Christian adaptations that it), one cherry-picks the stars the fit the desired conclusion,” stated Sarfati. “There is nothing to imply that April 23 is a momentous date for biblical prophecy, and also Christians have to be careful about being drawn into together sensationalist claims.”

If girlfriend need additional convincing, over there aren’t any indications stating that the world is heading towards catastrophe.

The global political climate is no as tense together you’d think (hard come believe, yes, yet the people has viewed worse). There room no reports of brewing wars this April nor a pandemic threatening global health.

The civilization isn't walk to end on April 18 (the creepy voicemail hoax) or April 23 (the Rapture/Nibiru hoax). There's no solid proof or great science to assistance this nonsense, and the days will happen (like the days in every previous guess of Armageddon) without incident.

— Nick Pope (
nickpopemod) April 11, 2018

Most importantly, as this theory attempts to develop credibility using astronomy, the scientists and also experts city hall the stars haven’t report anything the end of the ordinary.

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If someone cases that the people is ending, they’re more than likely trying to sell you miscellaneous or simply simply attempting to developing panic.

Stay calm, folks, and also go around your organization as usual. Mankind is below to stay—at the very least for this April!

I think the biggest disappointment the 2018 is walk to be if the civilization doesn’t really end April 18 for sure

— misha radiates big dick energy (
heavenstiel) April 8, 2018




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