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Enhanced Lights and also FX has the score to develop a an ext atmospheric and realistic lighting. It overhauls the lights, effects, approximately light and also creates a brand-new mood for interiors.

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Mod nameNotes
Enhanced Light and FX - German Translation
Enhanced Lights and FX - Chinese
Enhanced Lights and FX - Deutsch
Enhanced Lights and also FX - French Translation
Enhanced Lights and also FX - Russian translation
EnhancedLightsandFX - Spanish
Fallout 4 plus Edition
Filmic ReshadeHighly Recommended
Merciless - A survival ENB
Optimization spot CollectionPatched variation of the initial mod that has various pest fixes to protect against stutters and also crashes.
Orsha"s ReShade - a CRP ReShade modification - Atmospheric with true HDR for NAC and ELFX
Red Rocket extreme Build
ShadGirl DefrostedRecommended, transforms lighting. Currently you recognize when the night time.
V-Shock Reshade plus ENB PresetOptional
Visceral ENB
Where to be IChanges lighting. Currently you know when the night time.
Wild - Reshade and ENB Presetoptional

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- If you want to reupload my mod in various other websites, asking me first. I offer no permission come upload the on Bethesda.net, I will certainly upload my mods there eventually.- Modders must ask for permission to use my modification meshes in your mods.

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Translations accessible on the Nexus

SpanishAuthor: JaxOfBladeEnhancedLightsandFX - Spanish
RussianAuthor: WindragEnhanced Lights and FX - Russian translation
FrenchAuthor: MrTenshiEnhanced Lights and FX - French Translation
GermanAuthor: SvorgeEnhanced Light and also FX - German Translation
OtherAuthor: szl0834Enhanced Lights and also FX-SIMPLIFIED CHINESE
PolishAuthor: ajuszkiewiczEnhanced Lights and FX - polish translation
MandarinAuthor: julio131Enhanced Lights and also FX - Chinese
GermanAuthor: TheChriZEnhanced Lights and also FX - Deutsch

-Small fix for the candles not being animated.-More modded cells.-Performance tweaks to Monsignor Plaza, Corvega Assembly Plant, kendall Hospital and Super Duper Mart.
-Fixed a portal in Vault 81 entrance. -New candle materials and also flame added. Modded Cells: - Listening short article Bravo- Harbormaster Hotel- Backyard Bunker(West Everett Estates)

Version 0.3.1

-Prewar Vault 111 Elevator have to be fixed. -The Switchboard modded.

Version 0.3

-Performance should boost for the cells: Covega Assembly Plant, Greenetech Genetics, Concord Museum, Boston publicly Library, falls Department Store. -Vault 111 elevator should be clearly shows now. -Parkview Apartments occlusion problems should it is in fixed. -Few brand-new modded cells.
-Removed the precombination nifs, the was resulting in some problems and the fps hit was still present, ns will store digging that. -A couple of new modded cells.
0.2 - more modded cells, uploaded some precombined nifs too.
intensified Lights and also FX has actually the score to develop a an ext atmospheric and realistic lighting. It overhauls the internal lights, effects, approximately light and also creates a brand-new mood. The bright is not only based in the write-up war world, yet in the pre war people too, with the light sources put where it would make sense in a pre war Boston, whether the light is top top or off. Also... Bring a flashlight with you.
-All internal light sources emits light. -More godray casting lights. -More shadow caster lights. -Enhanced interior day/night circle visuals, some interiors will be darker throughout night time. -Darker inner ambient light and fog(in some cases, really dark). -Slight come none FPS loss.

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add the adhering to lines to her Fallout4Custom.ini in Documents\My Games\Fallout4: bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= sStartingConsoleCommand=cl pickled in salt 0.0005 The "cl rim" command controls the rim light the video game characters, that value should reduce it. Install utilizing the mode manager of your choice. I recommend Nexus mode Manager.
many thanks to: Bethesda for Fallout 4 and also Creation Kit Jon for Nifskope Nexus community