You may and also can phone call me come “Have a an excellent day” or an excellent morning or good afternoon or an excellent evening. However please. I’m begging you. Please execute not usage the sentence “Have a an excellent rest the the day” come me. Not now. No ever. Never.

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Seriously. I am. I am a pleasant human being by nature. And also I’m happy. As lengthy as girlfriend don’t use details phrases through me!

When top top the phone, I’ll always be polite and amiable.

..and I can be a the majority of laughs and also fun once I’m on the call too!

And depending upon the time, I’ll either use the phrase “Have a great day”, “Have a great afternoon” or…in some situations “Have a good evening”.

Why…I’m together polite together Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake as the brother Gibb! I’m very proper!

When faxing, ns usually end the facsimile v “Have a satisfied day” or “Have a pleasant afternoon”.

It isn’t that difficult to wish some niceness top top someone.

Oh I’m a an excellent witch! return some civilization would replace the “w” through the letter “b”. However I’m still a nice one!

So, why then, walk the expression “Have a great rest the the day” make me cringe every time ns hear it? Seriously. It’s choose fingernails top top a chalkboard. Even worse. Carry out you remember as soon as we had actually milk in wax containers? You know the tiny ones that us would acquire in school in the 1960’s? Every so frequently a tiny piece that wax would certainly make its method into the milk and when that poured into my mouth, mine gag reflexes were in complete force. That’s what happens once I hear that phrase.

If you’re approximately my period or older, friend remember these little milk cartons that you would receive with college lunches. There was constantly an elusive piece of wax that would make it’s method into the milk and also trust me it to be disgusting. These things additionally smelled of cake milk. If friend drank milk from this cartons friend NEVER had actually a good rest of the day!

Where did it come from? What imbecile started that ridiculously inane phrase?

I make an oath I’ve done that at the office when I hear world utter that horrible phrase.

Let’s rest it down. Have a an excellent REST that the day. To me, it way enjoy whatever rest you have today. Be it a nap, or sitting under to review a great book or come play candy Crush Saga—any task that puts girlfriend at finish ease and comfort. The fine art of resting.

I have actually a “good remainder of the day” by sit on the deck and reading a book! Presently, I’m analysis The counting of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It’s a great way to rest…

For example. Ns arrive home from Christmas shopping. Ns lugging bags the gifts. And also since ns love the facet of surprise, decide to wrap everything. As soon as completed the errands and tasks, I require a rest. I require a good rest. It is mine “good remainder of the day”. The is something ns do.

And mine favorite resting bitch place is the white loveseat in our tiny sunroom. I’ve had many good rests that the job here!

Telling who to have actually a great rest of the work is, in my most humble opinion, quite presumptuous. What if the person on the other end of the expression is unable to have a good rest? do you watch where i’m coming?


Please allow me to provide you Anderson Cooper’s eyeroll. It’s lot prettier than mine. Besides, if you watch MY eyeroll in every it’s lazy-eye-crossed beauty, you’ll have actually a fairly traumatic rest of the day!

I’m informing you. Once I hear that phrase, it practically ruins my rest-of-the-day.

Yes. The is. That’s since someone said to “have a an excellent rest the the day”!

Case in point. Throughout the prep for Oona’s wedding, she had actually an early-morning appointment to have actually her legs waxed. (I’ll take it the razor give thanks to you). This to be 9:00 in the morning prior to our spray-tan appointment.

As we had actually a busy day ahead, i accompanied mine daughter and waited in the agree area till she to be done. When she paid for the wax job, the receptionist, who was a an extremely perky and cute young woman, told us to “Have a great rest that the day”. Once I questioned her top top why she had actually to encompass “rest-of-the” rather than just say “Have a great day”, she gave me a watch of utter surprise—as despite I simply cursed she out. She seriously looked choose she would cry.

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Oona claimed I was rude. (I’ve heard those native come out of she mouth so many times…) i digressed in the fact that every she needed to say was “Have a good day”. The day had barely begun! for Crissake—do you ever hear world say “Have a good rest of the afternoon” or “Have a good rest of the evening”? No. You don’t. That’s due to the fact that it sounds even an ext idiotic 보다 “Have a an excellent rest the the day”.


Sweet dreams. Nighty night. G’nite. Sleep tight. However don’t have actually a good rest of the day!