$141/dayFull-size SUV
$130/dayPassenger van
$108/dayPickup truck
$49/dayIntermediate SUV
$52/dayStandard SUV

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review fromsommos.net
Pros:The rep that assisted me, I want to say his surname is Brandon was extremely helpful and friendly. Also though they didn't have actually the vehicle I reserved on hand he assisted me through obtaining something equal to (or better) to fulfill the preventive at no extra charge. I have actually NEVER received that kind of assistance from other places. I was very pleased v the service and also will do Enterprise mine priority rental place.Cons:Nothing, whatever was GREAT!!Reviewed Feb 24 2021
review fromsommos.net
Pros:No difficulty with staff, everyone was professional and also knowledgeableCons:No complaintsReviewed Mar 5 2021
review fromsommos.net
Pros:absolutely nothingCons:Not gaining to rent a car. After reserving a auto with a debit card, i was notified I can not use that to rental the car. Ns was then stuck 30 minute from the airport and at least 45 minute from my final destination with no way to acquire to either place. Once I called the young man I necessary to discover a means to my destination or the airport, that tried to provide me directions. While ns sat over there trying to number out exactly how to return to the airplane to get a ride native a spaceship or something, he went in the back to avoid and also ignore me. When I asked around public transportation, that did look up and also tell me about the train and offered to speak to a cab because that me. I had spent $50 to obtain to enterprise - never having actually been come Atlanta, ns didn't realize the distance between the airport and Enterprise - and also I wasn't paying an ext unnecessary money top top a cab. Ns told the I would walk. A local sales human being heard me and also took pity top top me she offered to journey me there.Reviewed Oct 23 2016
review fromsommos.net
Pros:Very friendly and made the procedure very smoothCons:Very convenient! castle accommodated me as soon as I believed my vehicle needed maintenanceReviewed Jul 17 2019
review fromsommos.net

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Horrible!!Pros:NothingCons:First this location is VERY tiny and oddly situated. It's difficult to maneuver in and also out that this location. The vehicle that we rented was filthy. There were red drink stains throughout, the carpet was not vacuumed, dust marks were very visible. I had actually to sit top top a towel because that our 7 hour drive as I to be uncomfortable sitting straight on the seats. This to be the just vehicle accessible at this place in ours rental course so we had no choice to accept it. Sadly my complaint to administration at this place seemed to be no surprise as this is regular protocol. I will certainly not rent from this ar again.Reviewed Aug 1 2017